Audio Solutions Question of the Week: What differentiates the AT5047 from the AT5040?

Question: What differentiates the AT5047 from the AT5040?

Answer: Like the popular AT5040 Cardioid Condenser Microphone, the AT5047 is a flagship hand-built “boutique” model designed for studios, engineers and performers who desire best-in-class performance for a wide variety of applications. These microphones find themselves at home in commercial studios, high-end personal project studios, voice-over production and broadcast environments. The AT5040 is a transformer-less design intended to provide the purist of sound. The combination of its high sensitivity, very low output impedance, extremely low self-noise and wide frequency response results in a microphone with profound realism and depth, presence and purity of sound.

The AT5047 is a transformer-coupled version of the AT5040 and it has an improved circuit design to achieve wider dynamic range. Therefore, the AT5047 provides a solution for those who desire the high performance of the AT5040 but have console inputs or mic preamps that cannot properly handle the AT5040’s very high output signal and low output impedance. By incorporating a transformer with its constant output impedance, the AT5047 becomes more compatible with low-impedance mic preamps and console inputs, without compromising the microphone’s signal-to-noise ratio, max SPL handling capability or dynamic range.





















Key ways in which the AT5047 differs from the AT5040:

Transformer-coupled output: Makes the AT5047 more compatible with low-impedance mic preamps and console inputs. Enables the mic to be used with very high SPL sound sources at close range without the need for an attenuator pad. Provides smooth sonic character with a musically rich, warm, and pleasant sound.

Wider overall dynamic range: Higher max SPL handling capability and low noise floor result in the widest dynamic range (142 dB) among all Audio-Technica microphones at this time. Capture the full character of instruments and vocals – from the caress of drum brushes to the most powerful, expressive vocal performance.

Unique sound presentation: The musically rich, warm, and pleasant sound achieved is desired by many engineers.

Reduced sensitivity: Enables the AT5047 to achieve a balance between a high signal-to-noise ratio and high maximum SPL handling capability.

Lower output level: Complements a wider range of microphone preamps and console inputs while maintaining very wide dynamic range and high maximum SPL handling capability.

If you have any additional questions about the AT5047 or other Audio-Technica microphones, please contact the Audio Solutions Department for assistance.


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