Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Set Up the Audio-Technica Pro and Artist Series Drum Microphone Packs?

Question: How do I set up the Audio-Technica Pro and Artist Series Drum Microphone Packs?

Answer: Purchasing an Audio-Technica Drum Microphone Pack allows you to get a set of microphones specifically designed and chosen for optimal drum pickup. Whether you are a new drummer, a drummer on a budget or a professional drummer playing in clubs or at large festivals, there is an Audio-Technica drum mic pack that will suit your needs. The Pro Series is for the drummer on a budget, whereas the Artist Series is for the professional drummer. Both series include a 4-pack mic option for your essential drums, like the kick and snare, and a 7-pack option, which includes additional microphones for toms or overhead miking.

The Pro Series 4-pack option (PRO-DRUM4) includes one PRO 25ax hypercardioid dynamic kick drum microphone, which may be placed inside or outside the drum head, depending on the sound you want to achieve. Additionally, one PRO 63 cardioid dynamic microphone is included for your snare drum. The PRO 63 is usually placed just outside of the rim of the drum and aimed toward the center where the drum is hit. Moving the microphone to different positions will change the timbre of the reproduced drum sound. The last two microphones included in the PRO-DRUM4 are PRO 23 cardioid dynamic tom microphones. You may mount the tom microphones to microphone stands or use the included AT8665 drum microphone clamps to mount directly to the drum rims. The Pro Series 7-pack option (PRO-DRUM7) includes all of the mics in the 4-pack option, plus more. A third PRO 23 tom microphone is included, as well as a pair of the AT2021 cardioid condenser overhead microphones. The overhead microphones may be placed in a variety of overhead configurations, such as a spaced pair (aka A/B) or X/Y stereo. Trying different microphone placements will allow you to shape the drum tone to your liking.

The Artist Series packs also come in two different size options. The microphones included in these packs are the same ones used by professional drummers on stages around the world. The Artist Series 4-pack option (ATM-DRUM4) includes one ATM250 hypercardioid dynamic kick drum microphone, one ATM650 hypercardioid dynamic snare drum microphone, and two ATM450 cardioid condenser microphones to be used as overhead microphones. Some great drummers only mike up the kick and snare drum, and let the overhead microphones pick up the rest. The Artist Series 7-pack option (ATM-DRUM7) includes everything the 4-pack option has, plus three ATM230 hypercardioid dynamic tom microphones. This is an ultimate drum package for a drummer playing any style of music. All of the drum microphone packages (Pro Series and Artist Series) include a hard carrying case with a die-cut foam interior, because, let’s face it, drummers are always on the move, and this case allows you to keep your Audio-Technica drum microphone packs safely in one place.

Microphone placement is important to any drum sound, but there is no “one right place” to put a microphone. Audio-Technica has provided helpful microphone tips for drummers in previous blog posts and how-to videos. Follow the links below to check out this helpful information.

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If you have further questions about which Audio-Technica Drum Microphone Pack will best suit your needs, please contact the Audio Solutions Department for assistance.


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