Audio Solutions Question Of The Week: How Do I Set Up The AT-LP60XBT Wireless Turntable?

Question: How do I set up the AT-LP60XBT wireless turntable?

Answer: Proper setup of the AT-LP60XBT will ensure that the turntable will perform to its full potential. Please note that if the belt is not placed properly on this turntable, the turntable may not seem like it is getting any power when the start button is pressed. Follow the steps below to properly set up the AT-LP60XBT turntable.

Audio Solutions Question Of The Week: How Do I Set Up The AT-LP60XBT Wireless Turntable?

Belt and tonearm setup

  1. Carefully remove the turntable from the packaging and verify that all of the parts and accessories are present. You should have:
    • Die-cast aluminum platter with the drive belt attached to the bottom ring of the platter
    • Audio-Technica slip mat
    • Dust cover and two dust cover hinges
    • Power supply
    • Analog audio output cable (3.5 mm male to dual RCA male)
    • 45 RPM adapter
    • Quick Start Guide (full owner’s manual available for download here)
  2. Place the platter on the turntable’s center spindle, making sure the platter is fully seated.
  3. Rotate the platter by hand until the large rectangular opening with the red ribbon is positioned in the upper left corner of the turntable (the 10 o’clock position). This will expose the brass-colored motor pulley. (Note: make sure you are exposing the brass pulley and not the white plastic post at the 2 o’clock position.)
  4. While holding the platter steady, remove the tape holding the red ribbon to the platter, then use the ribbon to guide the drive belt (attached to the underside of the platter) over the brass motor pulley. Make certain the belt is properly seated on the motor pulley so it is riding in the pulley’s groove. This is important to ensure that the turntable operates at the proper speed. Also, verify that the belt is not twisted on the motor pulley.
  5. Once the belt is properly installed on the motor pulley, you may remove and discard the red ribbon.
  6. Place the slip mat on the platter and (with the tonearm still fastened to its rest) rotate the platter ten times in the clockwise direction. This is to make certain the automatic mechanism is fully cycled.
  7. Remove the plastic tie that is securing the tonearm to its rest and discard the plastic tie.
  8. While holding the tonearm in the rest position, carefully remove the plastic stylus guard by slowly pulling the guard forward. Be careful not to damage the stylus. If the stylus does come off, you may refer to this previous blog post to learn how to reinstall the stylus.
  9. The provided dust cover is designed to protect the turntable when not in use and may be closed when records are playing. Insert the two dust cover hinges on the rear of the turntable and then insert the dust cover onto the hinges.

Next, connect the power adapter cable to the turntable and plug the adapter into a convenient AC outlet.

Setup for Connecting via Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

In order for two devices with Bluetooth wireless technology to recognize and communicate with one another, they must first be “paired.”

  1. Place the other Bluetooth device close to the turntable (within 1 meter) to make certain the pairing process performs correctly. Then, set your Bluetooth device into “pairing mode.” You may need to refer to your wireless device’s user manual to learn how to set it for pairing.
  2. Locate the Wireless Function Button and LED on the turntable. This button is used to activate the Bluetooth transmitter and to “pair” the turntable with other Bluetooth devices. The LED illuminates and changes color during the pairing process.
  3. Press the Wireless Function Button to begin the pairing process. The LED will flash blue. Press and hold the Wireless Function Button until the LED flashes red and blue. Release the button. When the LED is flashing red and blue, the turntable’s wireless transmitter is in “Pairing Mode” and searching for another device to pair with.
  4. The LED will turn solid blue when it has successfully paired with your wireless device. You may now begin to listen to your turntable wirelessly through your paired device.

Please note:

  • Most Bluetooth devices, including the turntable, will pair fairly quickly. If the turntable does not see the other Bluetooth device after about 30 seconds, pairing mode automatically times out and the LED extinguishes. If either device times out while trying to pair, simply put them back into pairing mode and repeat the pairing process.
  • In some situations, previously paired Bluetooth devices can become “unpaired.” If this happens, simply re-perform the pairing process.
  • AT-LP60XBT will save pairing information for up to 8 devices, however, it will only communicate with one device at a time.
  • When the turntable is transmitting via Bluetooth, the Bluetooth receiving device is used to control volume, equalization and other audio related functions.

Setup for Connecting via Analog Output

Along with the built-in Bluetooth transmitter, the AT-LP60XBT provides an analog audio output.

  1. Connect the analog audio cable’s 3.5 mm plug into the “Analog Out” port on the back center of the turntable. Then plug the RCA end (red and white plugs) into your desired playback device (commonly a stereo receiver or powered speakers).
    1. If connecting to inputs on a stereo receiver specifically labeled “PHONO,” move the switch on the rear of the turntable to PHONO. This bypasses the turntable’s internal RIAA magnetic phono preamp, which isn’t needed since the stereo receiver’s PHONO input has the same RIAA magnetic phono preamp. If the switch is set to “Line” you may hear considerable amounts of distortion.
    2. If connecting to any other input on a stereo receiver (Aux, Line, Tape, CD, etc.) or connecting directly to powered speakers, move the switch on the rear of the turntable to LINE. This engages the turntable’s internal RIAA magnetic phono preamp. If the switch is set to “Phono” you may have little or no sound at all.
    3. If connecting the turntable to a 3.5 mm analog AUX input on a speaker or receiver, you may use a 3.5 mm stereo AUX cable (not included). No need for additional adapter cables.

The entire setup process may be viewed in the following video.

Now you are all set up and ready to start enjoying your records! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Audio Solutions Department.

* There are different types and classes of Bluetooth technology, so not all wireless devices are compatible with one another. The AT-LP60XBT turntables utilize the aptX or SBC codec and A2DP Bluetooth profile, and therefore are compatible only with wireless playback devices that use the same protocol.

** The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Audio-Technica Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.



  1. Just got the LB60XBT-RT as a Christmas present. Set up per instructions, seemed to mate easily with Bluetooth speakers, but no sound. Can hear the vinyl thru the turntable but not speakers.

  2. Just got the AT-LP60XBT, i set it up like the instructions said, but the sound is very faint without the Bluetooth. Can i not control the volume without an external product?

  3. Just got the AT-LP60XBT and as silly as it may sound am I correct here that it seems like there’s no power button to turn this thing off when not in use? I don’t see one on the unit so it seems like this thing is just always on when it’s plugged in and not playing records. This is a problem for me because it means that any time I turn my bluetooth headphones or speakers on they automatically pair to the turntable instead of my PC, TV, cell phone or whatever other device I want to pair them to and the only way I can deal with it is unplugging the turntable which is a huge hassle. Is there really no way to just turn this thing off when not in use, because that seems like a huge oversight if so but I’ve looked all over the unit and don’t see a power button on it and found no information about it in the manual.

  4. Can I use Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK with a bluetooth transmitter? I would do this instead of buying the BT turntable.

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