Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Set Up My AT-LP60 Turntable?

Question: How do I set up my AT-LP60 turntable?

Answer: Audio-Technica offers a variety of turntables that differ slightly in operation and features. The AT-LP60 turntable is a popular choice for casual listening. One reason for this popularity is the turntable’s fully-automatic operation, which allows the user to put on the record, press play, walk away and enjoy the analog sound. Proper setup of the turntable is, of course, important, but the AT-LP60 has a fairly simple setup process, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Turntable Setup

Belt and tone arm setup

  1. Carefully remove the turntable from the packaging and verify that all of the parts and accessories are present. You should have:
    1. Turntable with dust cover and pre-installed cartridge and stylus
    2. Die-cast aluminum platter with the drive belt attached to the bottom ring of the platter.
    3. Audio-Technica slip mat, 45 RPM adapter, two stereo audio adapter cables, and the user manual.
  2. Place the platter on the turntable’s center spindle, making sure the platter is fully seated.
  3. Rotate the platter by hand until the large rectangular opening with the red ribbon is positioned in the upper left corner of the turntable, also known as the “10 o’clock” position. This will expose the brass colored motor pulley. (Note: make sure you are exposing the brass pulley and not the white plastic post at the “2 o’clock” position.)
  4. While holding the platter steady, remove the tape holding the red ribbon to the platter, then use the ribbon to guide the drive belt (attached to the underside of the platter) over the brass motor pulley. Make certain the belt is properly seated on the motor pulley so it is riding in the pulley’s groove. This is important to ensure that the turntable operates at the proper speed. Also, verify that the belt is not twisted on the motor pulley.
  5. Once the belt is properly installed on the motor pulley, you may remove and discard the red ribbon.
  6. Place the slip mat on the platter and (with the tone arm still fastened to its rest) rotate the platter ten times in the clockwise direction. This is to make certain the automatic mechanism is fully cycled.
  7. Remove the plastic tie that is securing the tone arm to its rest and discard the plastic tie.
  8. While holding the tone arm in the rest position, carefully remove the plastic stylus guard by slowly pulling the guard forward. Be careful not to damage the stylus. If the stylus does come off, you may refer to this previous blog post to learn how to reinstall the stylus.

Connection setup

  1. Connect the turntable’s permanently attached power cord to an AC outlet with the proper voltage for the AT-LP60 you are using. The voltage of the AT-LP60 can be found on the label located at the rear of the turntable.
  2. Connect the RCA (red and white) plugs to your desired playback device (commonly a stereo receiver or powered speakers).
    1. If connecting to inputs on a stereo receiver specifically labeled “PHONO,” move the switch on the rear of the turntable to PHONO. This bypasses the turntable’s internal RIAA magnetic phono preamp, which isn’t needed since the stereo receiver’s PHONO input has the same RIAA magnetic phono preamp.
    2. If connecting to any other input on a stereo receiver (Aux, Line, Tape, CD, etc.) or connecting directly to powered speakers, move the switch on the rear of the turntable to LINE. This engages the turntable’s internal RIAA magnetic phono preamp. You may need to use the included adapters to convert the RCA connection to a 3.5 mm connection depending on the input on your specific device. Refer to our previous post on connecting to speakers to see how the adapters can be used.

The video below covers these same setup instructions along with helpful visual representation.

It is that easy! Sit back, put a record on, press the Start button on the front of the turntable and enjoy! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Audio Solutions Department.



  1. Hello, I would like to ask if it is possible to change the cartridge on AT-LP 60usb and put there better one? thank you

    • Tommy, using the provided adapter you can connect headphones but you would have no volume or EQ control and the volume would be quite low. – A-T USA

  2. Hi, I can’t seem to power my turntable. Everything’s set up, but nothing is turning on. How to I power it?

  3. hey I am currently trying to place this turntable through my Mac laptop, but im a bit stuck

  4. Hi there, I’m a bit stuck with my AT-LP60, right now I’m using a JBL On Time ipod dock which works quite well – it sounds great! But I have a pair of Wharfdale Diamond 9.0 speakers I’d like to connect to the turntable instead, except the wires provided with the turntable don’t fit the input ports at the back of the speakers. The turntable comes with an amp built in, so is this just a case of some new specific wires?

  5. Hello Audio Techinca, I had purchased my AT LP60 turntable at my local entertainment store with a damaged stylus. I had emailed your support center, and they did an amazing job tending to me:they had shipped out a new stylus to me in 3 days, free of charge! Unfortunately, a new problem has arisen, a problem I wasn’t aware of since I couldn’t play any records with a damaged stylus: the turntable is only able to play music through the preamp, whether it’s on Line or Phono, even with the female RCA-to-female 3.5 mm jack that came with the unit. As we know, the preamp is pretty quiet, and since I was intending to use the turntable with classical records, some of the sound is inaudible due to the dynamics of the music. I don’t want to trouble your service center even further and cause them to think I might be trying to receive a new unit through lying, but I paid $130 for the turntable and I’d like for it to work the way I want it to, you know? Thank you.

  6. I was also wondering, through my carelessness, I meant to buy the USB turntable. If I bought a female RCA-to-USB cable, could that work for transferring music onto my computer? Thanks again.

  7. I am trying to run my player through a Yamaha MG10XU mixing console, when I use the 3.5mm adapter and my own personal 1/4inch adapter to hook it in, the sound comes through very choppy, leaving me the only option of playing through usb on my macbook, and using the headphone output on that to run to my mixer. Any ideas as to how to fix the quality so I can have it on it’s own channel?

  8. I have some brand new records that are skipping and was advised to increase the weight of the toner arm. How would I do that on my AT-LP60?

  9. Hello

    I am not able to get my turntable to work. Can you help please?

  10. If I bought a female RCA-to-USB cable, could that work for transferring music onto my computer?

  11. This turntable is hooked up via RCA cables to the CD input on my Pioneer 1121 receiver. My volume comes through at a fixed level that seems too loud. I cannot turn the volume up or down. Any suggestions?

  12. Hey so i purchased my audio technica turntable lp60 today and the setup has been fairly easy however at the moment I’m stuck. I’ve been trying to run the turntables audio through my focusrite scarlett solo as it has the ac red and white plugins in the back. However it seems whenever i play a record and attempt to listen through my headphones i don’t get any sounds, or play back of the record. Do i need to just buy speakers for my laptop and insert my headphones through there? I was informed i could listen to the records through my headphones but that doesnt seem to be the case. I’ve gone through all my respective sound settings as well and still get no results. I would be very pleased if you all could help me out through my delma.

  13. hey so just to be clear this turntable must be connected to speakers or radio to produce sound?

  14. I bought this turn AT-LP60-USB turntable, my computer has Windows 10 Pro operating system, the manual is for XP, Vista, or Windows 7. I cannot set it up, Does anyone have up to date information and also on the audacity program that came. with it. Ken

  15. Hi. Can I connect this deck to an amplifier with line-in (RCA?) connection?

  16. hi, please forgive me if this is a duplicate problem that has already been addressed… but I have an AT-LP60-USB model that works great, but recently, the tone arm doesn’t drop at the beginning of the record… it always goes to a spot about 30 seconds in. i can adjust this manually, but I miss the automatic functionality. is there a simple fix for this issue? thanks.

  17. Hi, I have a lp60 model, and I would like to ask if its possible to use a disc estabilizer at618?
    Does this damage the engine?

  18. I purchased an AT-LP60 for my daughter for Christmas and she started using it almost immediately. Since it’s a belt drive system I imagine at some point I might have to replace the belt. Was wondering where I can get one now so I’m ahead of the game when it happens.

  19. Hey,

    Just got my LP60. So far i love it. One problem. When I plug in the power source, the turntable starts turning and won’t stop. The only way i found it would stop is if I unplugged it. Is there any way to fix it?


  20. Having problem figuring out how to connect my AT LP60 to my Bose sound bar. Also called your “team” (closed) and noticed from reading first 23 questions, that not one of them was directly answered, but given the “template/form letter” reply to call the “team,” which, as I stated above, I already did and they were closed. What do people who work normal hours do if they have questions?

    • Hi Bob, we can have our Audio Solutions department email you directly to help resolve your issue if that’s okay with you. Is the email you’ve listed here the best way to get in touch with you? Thanks! – A-T USA

  21. I have some brand new records that are skipping and was advised to increase the weight of the toner arm. How would I do that on my AT-LP60?

  22. Is there a way to turn off the automatic aspect of this turnstyle? I like being able to manually set the needle onto the record myself.

  23. When playing records on the AT-LP60, do you keep the mat on underneath?

  24. How can I fix my turntable if every so often it goes completely off pitch and sounds like the record is warped? It doesn’t do it on my other player.

  25. I bought my Audio Technica AT-LP60-BT brand new and it keeps skipping all my albums. Any advice to stop this would be appreciated.

  26. Have connected my AT LP60 BT turntable to my ZVOX 570 SoundBase using the turntable’s output cables to the AUX on the SoundBase. No sound comes out. Please help.

    • Hi there! If your speaker has a multifunction button, that can sometimes mute the audio. Just pressing the multifunction button might get the audio to come through. If that does not work, please contact our Audio Solutions Department for assistance. You can reach them at Thanks! – A-T USA

  27. I’ve got the atlp60bt and I keep getting a low frequency hum in the older turntables you would connect a grounding wire but I couldn’t find one for this unit wondering what I should do I have it paired with Bluetooth headphones

  28. Is there anyway to fix the tonearm? It doesn’t drop close enough to the vinyl itself.

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