Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Pair My ATH-M50xBT Headphones to a Bluetooth Device?


Question: How do I pair my ATH-M50xBT headphones to a Bluetooth device?

Answer: Our ATH-M50xBT wireless over-ear headphones blend the sonic signature of the M50x headphones with an on-the-go design utilizing Bluetooth technology. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the features of the headphones, as well as how to pair them to your Bluetooth device.

Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Pair my ATH-M50xBT Headphones to a Bluetooth Device?

Looking at the headphones, you will notice they are very similar in design and build quality to the original ATH-M50x. The main differences are the added power switch, charging port, mic and controls on the left earcup for answering phone calls and controlling music, and the 3.5 mm detachable smartphone cable versus the 2.5 mm locking cable with the wired ATH-M50x. When the smartphone cable is plugged into the headphones, the controls on the earcup and the Bluetooth functionality will be disabled. Also, the Audio-Technica logo on the left earcup is also a touch control providing convenient access to voice assist.

Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Pair my ATH-M50xBT Headphones to a Bluetooth Device?

The pairing process is quite simple. Make certain the Bluetooth device you are going to connect the headphones to is not currently paired to any other Bluetooth devices. Please follow the below steps:

  1. Begin with the headphones powered OFF.
  2. Flip the power switch on the headphones to the “ON” poisition; a voice prompt will say “Power On” and the indicator light will begin flashing white.
  3. Select the headphones when they appear as an available device in the Bluetooth Settings of your device. They may be displayed as “ATH-M50xBT” or “BLE_ATH-M50xBT,” or both names may be listed. If both are displayed, select “ATH-M50xBT.”
  4. After selecting “ATH-M50xBT,” the headphones and device will connect, and you will hear a beep in the headphones with the voice prompt saying, “Bluetooth connected,” indicating the pairing was successful. The light on the headphones will slowly flash white while they are paired.
  5. If the headphones do not appear as an available device in the Bluetooth Settings of your device on your first attempt, turn the Bluetooth “OFF” on your device and back “ON” again. Then repeat the process.

The following accessories are included with the headphones:

  • 5 mm smartphone cable
  • USB charging cable
  • Soft carrying pouch.

If you have any further questions about the new ATH-M50xBT headphones, please contact us here in the Audio Solutions Department.



  1. What do you do if the device you’re pairing them with doesn’t have a display? I want to pair my headphones with a Bluetooth transmitter (Miccus RTx) attached to my stereo. Thus, steps 3 and 4 aren’t possible. Any suggestions?

  2. So I just got these. And they worked for the 8 hours perfectly. I got home switched off the bluetooth. And the next morning I woke up and they couldn’t connect to my phone again. It keep connecting to bluetooth. As soon as I turn it on. Doesn’t give me a chance to try and connect.

  3. Hello! I recently received my pair and i cannot connect them with my android OnePlus 3t phone. I tried everything. It connected perfectly okay with an iphone, my dell laptop, a samsung galaxy phone, but it wont work with my phone.

    I tried even completely factory reseting my phone to default settings and erasing all data and settings.

    I even tried changing the audio codec setting from default to aptX

    Yet the same issue occurs:
    The headphones will pair but then the bluetooth turns off by itself. Then the bluetooth will turn itself back on. Then it connects to the headphones and turns back off and this cycle repeats.

    My android is updated to the most recent firmware.

    I have tried going to a remote field where there are no wireless connections to interfere.

    • I have a OnePlus 3 running OxygenOS 5.0.6 (Android 8.0.0). Deselecting “Phone audio”, “Input device”, and “Contact sharing” in the bluetooth device settings solved the bluetooth turning off/on cycle for me. I haven’t tested a phone call yet, but all of the other features are working with these settings, including the assistant feature.

    • Hi Jonathon,

      Did you resolve this issue? I’m having this exact problem with my OnePlus 3T.

    • Hey, I was just wondering of you ended up getting a fix for this problem. I have the same phone and the exact same issue, for me i had to turn phone audio off in the Bluetooth settings of my phone, but having a better solution to that would be nice


    • Hi,
      I’m facing the exact same issues with a oneplus 3, did you find a solution?

    • Hi,
      did you find a solution ?
      I’m facing the exact same issue

    • I have exactly the same issue with my Oneplus 3T. Did you hear anything back from Audio-Technica support?

      I noticed this problem every time the battery of the headphones goes below approx 75%. When they are fully charged Bluetooth connection is fine.

      And my phone never had problems connecting to any sort of Bluetooth device before. Only with these headphones.

  4. I’m having the same exact issue. Were you able to solve this?

  5. i wanted to connect them to my pc but on the blutooth list its detects 2 m50x one is stereo an the other is hands free , the problem is when i connect the hands free the audio quality is very low but its the opposite when connected to stereo . my main problem is not being able to listen and use the mic at the same time when connected to stereo. it works with hands free but the audio quality is unbearable.

  6. I have a OnePlus 3 running OxygenOS 5.0.6 (Android 8.0.0). Deselecting “Phone audio”, “Input device”, and “Contact sharing” in the bluetooth device settings solved the bluetooth turning off/on cycle for me. I haven’t tested a phone call yet, but all of the other features are working with these settings, including the assistant feature.

  7. Hi!

    I am having issues with getting the headset to show as an Audio Device on my PC. I am able to connect the headset to my PC via bluetooth without any issues, although it is not showing up as an Audio Device, only paired as BLE_ATH-M50xBT as an “Other” bluetooth device.

  8. When trying to connect the ATHM50Xbt to windows its is constantly trying to connect but never connects.

  9. I found out that the product won’t work as expected on my Android phone when the charge goes below 75%. When that happens, I’ve to manually disable the voice capability of the headphones and from there it works as expected. Is kind of annoying, but it seems to be a Oneplus thing.

    For Windows 10 I had a very arkward experience when the headphones sudendly started to work only as “voice” without stereo. I found that Windows has this problem with my Intel Bluetooth due that both Windows and Intel spawn a Bluetooth service which result in the headphones not being able to play music. To fix that, I had to disable the Intel Bluetooth Audio Service (run > services.msc) and manually enable the services tied to the headphones (control panel > devices and printers > right click the headphone, click properties > services tab). Make sure that “Audio sink” and everything else is enabled.

    Hope it helps.

  10. Anyone else having an issue connecting with a PC running windows 10?

    • i did have issues at first! worked it out as i turned headphones off. then turned bluetooth off on my pc then turned it back on. added my headset device to bluetooth then it worked….

  11. I recently bought a set of the ATH-M50xBT’s and the worked perfectly on till today when I tried to update the firmware trough the connect app on IOS
    I got and error message and the update was cancelled Now they don’t play when I connect them to my iPhone and the app keeps telling me to connect to a computer . Can anyone help me please ? I really like these headphones .Thank you for your time .

    • Hi there! You will need to reset your headphones. Use the included USB cable to connect your Audio-Technica product to a computer or a USB power block. Once the indicator lamp on the headphones illuminates red, you may disconnect the USB cable. For instructions on updating the firmware, please see here: Thanks! – A-T USA

  12. Very misleading blog post. This will only work on first start, when headphones aren’t paired to anything yet. Once you pair with at least one device and want to pair with another – procedure is completely different. And it’s a nightmare! You have to press and hold three buttons (volume up, volume down and play-pause buttton) together for 8 seconds! This hurts my fingers, it really does.
    I’m using my headphones with my laptop during the working day, and with my smartphone when I commute to/from work. Performing this procedure twice a day is such a nightmare on some days I just use wired connection to the laptop.

      I didnt even know that how you do disconnect the bluetooth from the headphones themselves.

      I just got them and working the BT is a definite downgrade from my old BT headphones.

  13. P.S. After writing the comment I went back to user manual and looked for simpler ways to switch bluetooth devices. There was none described but the manual mentioned headphones are able to pair with up to 8 devices, and it says “Once the Bluetooth device and the product are paired, you do not need to pair them again”. I doesn’t say anything what DO I need to do to connect them though. Turned out I have to explicitly disconnect the other device first – e.g. on iPhone for example to do that you’d need to switch bluetooth off, then connect your other device to the headphones so that they would be connected to it already, and then switch bluetooth back on on your iPhone.

    Maybe not perfect (some Sony headphones I own can actually connect to two devices at once), but way easier than holding three little buttons pressed at once for 8 seconds.

  14. When I try to connect to my Laptop (Lenovo Y700) it is able to find the headphones but it goes under “Other Devices” and not audio.

    • Hi there! Can you please provide us with your name and email address so that we can look into your inquiry? Thanks! – A-T USA

  15. hey, I have huge problem with connecting to WIN 10, device is paired but found as an “other device” by a WIN 10… In “sound” I cannot change for a bt devices (system doesn’t recognize it all). Tried everything on 2 WIN10 computers (dell, hp)… (on Mac works perfectly from the first attempt)… guys, please help (I like the device but i will be forced to return it… :/)

  16. how do we switch to multiple devices.
    I had it connected to fire tv and when i want to switch to a different devices, it doesnt work. I have to unpair first from fire TV and then connect to laptop of other mobile devices. Do we have a switch to switch between devices just using the headphones..

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