Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Install the Battery in the ATR3350iS Lav Microphone?

How do I install the battery in the ATR3350iS lavalier microphone?

Audio Solutions Team

Answer: The ATR3350iS lav microphone uses an LR44 button style battery. A battery is included with the purchase of the microphone, but it must be installed before the microphone can be used. Please note that the following batteries are equivalent to the LR44 and may also be used: AG13, L1154, LR1154, SR44, and SR44SW.

The following instructions and photos will help you successfully install the battery. (You may also follow these instructions to replace the battery in the ATR3350.)

1. Grasp the upper half of the power supply in one hand and the lower half in the other and unscrew the two halves.

audio-technica atr3350iS microphone

2. Slide the two halves apart to expose the battery compartment. Note the +/- polarity markings above the compartment that illustrate correction battery alignment.

audio-technica atr3350is lavalier mic

3. If you need to remove an old battery, it can be helpful to use the two small holes on the back side of the battery compartment. Place a small screwdriver or paper clip into one of the holes and gently push the battery out of the compartment.

audio-technica microphone repair

4. The battery is an LR44 type. The large, flat end of the battery is the positive or “+” side, and should be marked with a “+” symbol.

audio-technica lav mic

5. Slide the battery into the compartment with the “+” side against the spring.

Audio-Technca mic repair

6. Slide the two halves of the power supply back in place and screw them together until snug.

audio-technica lavalier mic repair

7. Plug the 3.5 mm into your audio device and turn the switch to the “On” position. To conserve battery life, turn the switch to the “Off” position when not in use.

If you have additional questions about operating the ATR3350iS or any other A-T products, please contact our Audio Solutions Department for assistance. And be sure to check back next Thursday for another “Question of the Week”!



  1. Cordial Saludo, por favor me indican si puedo conectar el Microfono ATR3350iS directamente a mi PC O MAC, la verdad lo estoy intentando y no funciona muy bien , de hecho se escucha muy bajo y de una calidad muy regular..agradezco su respuesta.

  2. Dear Audio TEchnica:

    I forgot to turn the switch off on my Audio Technica lavalier mic and now I get really low volume. Is this due to need of a battery change or is it the delicate wires are slightly bend or partially broken?

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