Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Digitize My Records?

Question: How do I digitize my records?

Answer: Audio-Technica turntables that have a digital USB output, like the AT-LP60XUSB and AT-LP120XUSB, allow you to connect to a computer and digitize all of your beloved vinyl records for safekeeping. The only additional thing you’ll need is some recording software. Many people use the third-party freeware Audacity, which has many helpful online tutorials, but you may use virtually any software that works with a USB digital input signal. We provide information about using Audacity below, but please note that we do not manufacture this software and may not be able to troubleshoot any software issues if they arise. Other popular software options are Spin-It-Again for Windows or VinylStudio for Mac. These options are specifically designed for converting the analog music on records to digital files, and their manufacturers do offer troubleshooting assistance. The software is not free, however.

Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How do I digitize my records?

If you would like to try the free Audacity software, please refer to our previous blog post where we walk step by step through the setup, recording, and track-creation process.

If you need any assistance with setting up or operating your turntable, please consult this previous blog post, which covers all Audio-Technica turntable models. And if you need additional support for other Audio-Technica products, please feel free to reach out to the Audio Solutions Department.


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