Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Connect the AT-LP60-BT Wireless Turntable to Headphones and Other Devices that Utilize Bluetooth® Wireless Technology?

Question: How do I connect the AT-LP60-BT wireless turntable to headphones and other devices that utilize Bluetooth® wireless technology?

Audio-Technica Wireless Turntable

Answer: With the resurgence of vinyl and turntables, it seems everyone is pulling out their vintage records, purchasing newly pressed LPs, and bringing the turntable back into their home audio setup. While this “older” technology does require a little more manual setup than the newer, digital tech, Audio-Technica has recently brought the best of these two worlds together by releasing a wireless version of our popular AT-LP60 turntable that includes an integrated Bluetooth wireless transmitter. This allows you to connect the turntable to playback devices that utilize Bluetooth wireless technology,* including wireless speakers and, of course, Audio-Technica’s wireless headphones.

Here are the wireless turntable models we currently offer:

In order for two devices with Bluetooth technology to recognize and communicate with one another, they must first be “paired.” Pairing the AT-LP60-BT with wireless devices is a simple process:

  1. Make certain your AT-LP60-BT wireless turntable is set up properly. A common setup error is installing the platter’s belt incorrectly. You may check out our previous belt-installation blog post for assistance.
  2. Place your Bluetooth wireless device into “pairing mode.” This will allow it to discover other Bluetooth signals, such as that coming from the AT-LP60-BT turntable. Place the device and the turntable within 1 meter of each other so that the connection can be made. (You may need to refer to your wireless device’s user manual to learn how to set it for pairing.)
  3. With the turntable plugged into an AC outlet, press and hold the Wireless Function Button (located in the front left corner on the top of the turntable) for about 4 seconds. During this time, you will see the Wireless Function Button change color. First, it will flash purple (indicating that the Bluetooth transmitter is powering on) and then, shortly after, it will flash purple again. After this second flash, release the button. The button will now begin flashing red and blue – this indicates that the turntable’s wireless transmitter is searching for another device with which to pair. The turntable’s pairing mode will stay active for 30 seconds.
  4. The Wireless Function Button will turn solid blue when it has successfully paired with your wireless device. If pairing does not occur within the 30 seconds, repeat steps #2 and #3, making certain that all steps are properly executed.

You may now begin to listen to your turntable wirelessly through your paired device. In order to do so:

  1. Make certain the Wireless Function Button is illuminated blue. If the button is not illuminated, check to ensure that the power cord is properly connected to the turntable, then press and hold the Wireless Function Button for about 2 seconds. The button will flash purple, indicating that the turntable’s wireless function has been turned on.
  2. Press the Start Button on the front of the turntable. The platter will begin spinning, then the tonearm will lift, move over to the record’s lead-in groove, lower and begin playing the record. The music will be heard through the device you have just paired.
  3. When you are done listening to the record, you may press the Stop Button on the front of the turntable, which will lift the tonearm off the record, move it back to the rest position, and stop the platter from spinning. This operation will also happen automatically at the end of the side of the record.
  4. When not using the turntable’s Bluetooth wireless transmission, it is recommended that you turn it off by pressing and holding the Wireless Function Button for about 2 seconds; the button will flash purple and then cease to illuminate, indicating that the wireless function has been deactivated.

Once you have paired your turntable to a device, you should not have to pair it with that device again. This may not be the case if you pair the speakers or headphones with another wireless device (refer to the device’s owner manual or contact the manufacturer for details). Also, since the AT-LP60-BT remembers up to eight devices, you will lose the oldest pairing if you perform a ninth pairing. For additional support, feel free to reach out to the Audio Solutions Department where our specialists will be happy to answer your questions.

Watch the video below to learn how to set up your AT-LP60-BT turntable.

* There are different types and classes of Bluetooth technology, so not all wireless devices are compatible with one another. The AT-LP60-BT turntables utilize the SBC codec and A2DP Bluetooth profile, and therefore are compatible only with wireless playback devices that use that same protocol.

** The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Audio-Technica Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.



  1. We are trying to set up a demo unit so that customers can hear the AT-LP60BKBT with Bluetooth speakers. And following this pattern, will not connect to any of the 5 devices we tried.

    the blue light is flashing on the turntable but iw wont ever connect to those Sonos/Samsung/Antec SP1/Denon Bluetooth speakers… is it because it is only compatible with Bluetooth version 3 devices ?? (the Bluetooth specs of this model says BT3.0, it’s not a bluetooth4.0 product)

    • Place the turntable into pairing mode by pressing the Bluetooth button for approximately 5 seconds until it blinks alternating red/blue. From your phone on the Alexa app, place the Echo into pairing mode and it should link up right away. The pairing mode selection is in the Settings menu of the app, then select your device, then select Bluetooth.

  2. Although the turntable originally connected to my speaker, now it will not. It will connect to other Bluetooth devices. My speaker will connect to other Bluetooth devices. But, for some reason, it can detect a Bluetooth presence but will not connect.

    • Sophie, i have the same problem. connected first time then that was it. Have contacted the AS Team but let me know if you find a quick solution!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. It’s cool to see a company like Audio-Technica making an effort to add a more modern update to the classic turntable. With the Bluetooth audio industry blowing up the way it has been, adding the turntable to the list of Bluetooth-ready audio sources opens the door for sharing and celebrating classic collections with new technology.

  4. I am trying to pair it with a Beats Pill. It appears to pair, light goes solid blue and Beats Pill makes the pairing sound but the music is not transmitting to the Beats Pill. Any suggestions?

    • Push the illuminated bluetooth button once. Sound should start to come out of your speaker. This took us awhile to figure out.

      • Shari ♡ Thank you. This worked just before I was about to return a brand new pair of Grado bluetooth headphones (I previously had no problems pairing my AT-LP60-BT to my Bose Soundlink II, and I paired it to the new headphones but no sound until I tried your suggestion!)

  5. I have successfully paired the turntable to my kanto speakers(both display solid lights), but when the album starts no sound comes out.

  6. Hi! I’m planning to buy one of these. Can I connect it to a Denon CEOL N9 via BlueTooth?

  7. will the beats studio 2 wireless connect to this system

  8. Hi, my LP60 connects to all my devices except the JBL xtreme speaker, it tries to connect, then after approx 10 secs gives up and the BT light has a double blue flash. The JBL also connect to all my other hosts, any idea why this combo does not work?

  9. Thank you for publishing this. The paper documentation is terse and confusing. I can see why fry’s had so many banged up boxes that looked like returns. Bluetooth pairing is a mystical process and I think that has led to a decline in those earpieces and other failed gadgets.

  10. Will not pair with beats pill plus. Beats pill makes pairing sound but turntable does not go to solid blue.

  11. I’m having the same problem most of the other customers are having. The turntable has successfully paired with my receiving device but no sound is being transmitted.

  12. I have a ion cube monitor with Bluetooth technology….my atlp 60 bt wireless turntable pairs and turns blue,, but 5 seconds later y disconnects..any suggestions?

  13. I cannot get this device to pair with my Bose Soundlink 3, can I get some assistance?

  14. Hi I’m having trouble pairing this with my iHome blue tooth speakers.

  15. I have the same problem, my LP60 connects to all my devices except the JBL Charge speaker, it tries to connect, but no connection. The JBL also connect to all my other devices. I know, I have to contact you for the assistance. But why don’t you provide the solution here, or on your site? I’m very desapointed.

  16. Having trouble connecting to my Bose Soundlink speaker. Are they not compatible?

  17. I cannot pair this with my bose soundlink 10 speakers. Very annoying and disappointing as this was the main reason I bought this particular turntable.

  18. Trying to get our LP60 to work thru bluetooth HK Aura speaker. It pairs but no sound. Help!

    • Hi Cristie, did you ever get this issue solved? We are having the same issue with our HK Aura Studio 2 at the moment!


  19. Purchased Audio Technica LP60-BT, and have tried to pair with BOSE SoundLink 10 wireless/bluetooth speakers = no success. Trying to get iMac/iPad/iPhone to recognize Audiotechnica BT, but none are able to pair with the record player. Currently, have to hardwire to the speaker, but specifically purchased for Bluetooth capability. Is there anyway to get Bluetooth to work?

    • Hey Camryn, the AT-LP60-BT cannot be played through a smartphone. It connects to Bluetooth enabled headphones and speakers. – A-T USA

  20. i cannot get the LP60 to connect to any bluetooth device!!! Can you assist with connecting to the Bose Mini II. Looks like i’m not the only one…

  21. Hi I could use help getting my device to connect with my Marshall Acton speaker.

  22. Is it possible to pair with two Bluetooth speakers in stereo at the same time.

  23. What if I want to use 2 different sets of BT headphones? will the sound travel to both? *please excuse my ignorance 😉

  24. Successfully paired my turntable to my UE boom, but I can still hear sounds coming out from the turntable itself. There are 2 sources of sound now, the Bluetooth speaker and the turntable. Is that normal?

  25. I have just bought an AT LP 60 BT wireless and tried to pair it via bluetooth to a bang and olufsen A2 but it’s not working and the devices are not finding each other. I think they use the same bluetooth functionality. Have followed pairing instructions. Please help!

  26. My LP-60 turntable Bluetooth won’t pair up with my Samsung K550 with sub woofer sound bar. Had to use a 3.5mm male both ends wire to make it work. I want the Bluetooth.

  27. My record player won’t pair with my Samsung HW‑J8500R curved soundbar/subwoofer. I was able to pair it with another wireless device, but am not having luck with our main audio system. Is this a glitch with this particular soundbar?

  28. I have been trying to my AT-LP60-BT turntable with my MSI windows 10 laptop without luck.
    I have followed the instructions in the manual to the letter. The turntable does not show up as a Bluetooth device.

    I have an MSI GL62M Laptop
    Intel Bluetooth driver: 19.40.1702.1059
    Drivers are up to date.

    If I can’t resolve this issue I will be forced to return the turntable.

  29. Any idea if it’s possible to pair directly with a Samsung TV? When I turn on BT on LP-60, my Samsung TV prompts me with a message saying “Do you wish to play your sound via BT-1?”. So my TV can see the turntable but only as a potential speaker. Should it be possible to pair the devices so that sound comes through the TV?

  30. UE BOOM TIP:

    Hold the bluetooth button DOWN on your UE BOOM while you also have the red and blue blinking light.

  31. Has Audio Technica come up with a solution for connecting the AT-LP60-BT to the Bose Soundtouch 10? Bose insists that you have to have a screen to make the link happen. Can you link the turntable to a tablet or computer to get a screen allowing you to link to the Bose?

  32. AT-LP60-BT connects to my JBL EXTREME the sound comes out but it’s cuts every 2 seconds like if the Vinyl was faulty. We tried different speaker and it worked perfect.. only problem my speaker is the JBL. Are they not compatible? How to fix this issue?

  33. Are my Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones compatible with AT-LP60-BT?

    It would help if you will make available a list of compatible wireless headphones with your AT-LP60-BT.


  34. Hi – I have been enjoying the AT-LP60-BT bluetooth turntable a lot and really had no complaints, but all of a sudden, like overnight, the volume is really really low (connecting to Marley Bluetooth speakers. I tested spotify to the speakers and no issue there. I have tried switching from phono to line no difference. What do you think the problem is?

  35. I Bought my daughter an Audio Technica AT-LP60WT-BT and a beats pill BT speaker. Why wont they pair?

  36. Hi! I was wondering if the AT-LP60-BT would pair with my Philips BTM2180, a Bluetooth enabled stereo system. I’ve tried pairing the two and haven’t gotten any results.

  37. Hello, is there a list of amp receivers that are compatible with the at-lp60wh-bt

  38. First couple times using the turntable with my bluetooth speaker I had no issues with it but now it’ll pair to the same device but no music will come out of my speakers but the speakers still work with other decives.

  39. I have a SONOS Soundbar, Subwoofer & two Play One Speakers. Will the Audio Technica Bluetooth turntable connect with them wirelessly or do I need an interface do do this?

  40. Works great so far. I thought my speakers were broken but this has shown me they work perfectly! Good full sound. Kind of a pain that you have to turn it off and on whenever you want to use it or else the battery dies, but I can live with that.

  41. I’ve reached out about my turntable not connecting to a pair of Bose headphones (says it’s connected but no sound comes out of the headphones) and still no response. Any solutions?

  42. Is it possible to connect the turntable to my windows computer?

    • Hi there! You can connect using a third party audio interface, such as the Behringer UCA202, which would allow you to connect the analog output of the AT-LP60-BT turntable and connect via USB to your computer. Thanks! – A-T USA

  43. Hello, I have tried incessantly to get my turntable to synch to my JBL clip speaker to no avail. The light turns blue, but the music only plays as a very low volume straight from the turntable–NOT from the speaker. I tried another speaker.
    It worked once, now no synch at all, but low volume from the turntable. This is very frustrating.

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