Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do A-T Network Microphones Integrate with AES67?

Question: How do A-T Network microphones integrate with AES67?

Answer: In the world of audio over IP, standards facilitate the compatibility between different manufacturers and protocols. The Audio Engineering Society creates technical standards such as AES67, which has become increasingly popular within professional audio environments. First published in September 2013, AES67 is based on preexisting layer 3 network protocol suite standards and allows operation between various popular IP-based audio networks. New Audio-Technica Dante Enabled products (a-versions) have been updated/upgraded to now feature AES67 compatibility, allowing them to transmit audio over RAVENNA, Livewire, Q-LAN and other AES67 networks. These new “a” versions of A-T’s Network Microphones and Devices also retain their capacity for transmitting control data over Dante networks.

Audio Solutions Question of the Week- How do A-T Network microphones integrate with AES67?

In addition, the latest firmware (v for these mics increases the features offered through Audinate’s Dante Domain Manager. Especially helpful to those managing larger scale Dante networks, these new features include role-based securities, control of multiple zones or locations, SNMP alerts, and routing of Dante streams across subnets. (A-T’s original Network models can use this latest firmware to increase DDM features, but the firmware will not make those models AES67-compatible.)

The growing audio-over-IP community is working together with these standards, and Audio-Technica is alongside the leaders with the release of our “a” version Network microphones, which utilize the Audinate Ultimo UXT chip. The world’s first Dante-enabled microphone, the ATND971, has been updated to the ATND971a. This cardioid condenser boundary microphone provides plug-and-play compatibility with Dante and AES67 networks. The ATND8677a Microphone Desk Stand is a top choice for installations with Dante or AES67 networks and allows the use of any dynamic or condenser microphone (up to 12v DC phantom power). Both the ATND971a and the ATND8677a offer a touch-sensitive capacitive-type user switch as well as an integral red/green LED status indicator. Additionally, the mics are equipped with a three-position input gain level selector, 80 Hz low-cut UniSteep® filter, phantom power on/off switch (ATND8677a only), and Local/Remote Modes that may be changed locally or via popular DSP software, including Biamp, Symetrix, and Bose.

The ATND8734a wall/ceiling plate power module is designed for use with popular install microphones such as the ES933 hanging microphones and ES931 gooseneck microphones that have a TA3F-type connector. The Dante-enabled ATND8734a power-module also offers an integral red/green LED status indicator (Red/Green status provided by compatible DSP), three gain levels, UniSteep® filter, as well as the UniGuard® RFI-shielding technology, which protects microphones from radio frequency interferences. All Dante-enabled Audio-Technica microphones are powered via PoE IEEE802.3af standard, allowing for quick plug-and-play delivery of high-quality audio over IP.

If you have further questions on integrating your “a” version Audio-Technica Network microphones into your AES67 systems, please contact the Audio Solutions Department.


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