Audio-Solutions Question of the Week: How Can the ATDM-0604 SmartMixer® Benefit My Small Meeting Space?

Question: How can the ATDM-0604 SmartMixer® benefit my small meeting space?

Answer: The SmartMixer® just got smarter with the introduction of the Audio-Technica ATDM-0604. Audio-Technica’s SmartMixers® are commonly deployed for installed applications and offer auto mixing where an operator is likely not present.  The ATDM-0604 Digital SmartMixer is loaded with new features specifically geared toward huddle rooms and small meeting spaces, including a Web Remote, matrix routing, acoustic echo cancelling (AEC) on all inputs, and a digital USB connection to a computer for virtual meeting spaces. It also has traditional, commercially installed mixer functions with auto mixing via gating and gain sharing, priority settings for a meeting chairperson, and user-adjustable EQ and dynamic controls.

Audio-Solutions Question of the Week: How Can the ATDM-0604 SmartMixer® Benefit My Small Meeting Space?

ATDM-0604 SmartMixer®

Audio-Solutions Question of the Week: How Can the ATDM-0604 SmartMixer® Benefit My Small Meeting Space?

Operator Interface in Web Remote

Audio-Solutions Question of the Week: How Can the ATDM-0604 SmartMixer® Benefit My Small Meeting Space?

Administrator Interface in Web Remote

The ATDM-0604 SmartMixer has six inputs, all with AEC (AEC is audio processing specifically designed to improve audio quality of a call by reducing the echo from audio traveling over large networks).  The six inputs with assignable phantom power include four MIC level inputs and two MIC/LINE inputs, while also including a stereo channel consisting of an analog auxiliary input or a USB connection to receive the stereo audio from a computer. Each of the six analog inputs includes a four-band fully parametric EQ, while the first and fourth bands can also be set to low cut and high cut, respectively. User-adjustable SmartMixer features in gate mode or gain sharing mode allow the integrator or user to reduce the introduction of feedback, excessive ambient noise, and comb filtering. The input section also allows for the selection of a priority input, which would enable a certain input, say of a president’s or coordinator’s microphone, to override the other inputs. Output routing buss controls allow each input to be routed to one or both of the two mono outputs, and/or the stereo output. The output section of the mixer offers twelve-band fully parametric EQ, including notch filtering, feedback suppression, and dynamics (compressor and limiter), for each of the outputs.

Audio-Technica Link is an RJ45 connection which allows up to six ATDM-0604 mixers to be connected together. Front controls on the ATDM-0604 allow for each setting to be user-adjusted, but the magic really comes when you connect the mixer to a network. You may use the Audio-Technica Locate Program (found under the download tab on the website product page) which will survey your local IP network and provide the IP Address of all Audio-Technica Link products on that network. From that software, you may open up the Web Remote, or you may input the mixer’s IP address into ANY web browser to access the Web Remote software. There are two interfaces to choose from: Administrator Mode, which allows the integrator or user to dig into the specific settings, and Operator Mode, which is “end-user friendly” and where simple volume controls and recallable presets are all customizable by the Administrator. This allows the operator to simply type the IP address into the web browser of a computer, tablet, or smartphone on the same network to access the Web Remote – you do NOT need to download an app or install a program on the computer to manage/control this mixer. Could it get any easier?

Want great audio in a conference room for your PC based calls? The simple setup of a few System 10 PRO wireless systems with the ATW-T1006 Wireless Boundary Microphone and Transmitter or the ATW-T1007 Wireless Microphone Desk Stand and Transmitter with your favorite A-T gooseneck microphone, a computer with a network connection, and the ATDM-0604 SmartMixer is one of the quickest, easiest, feature-packed, cost-effective, best-sounding solutions out there. If you have any questions on the ATDM-0604 or how to best integrate it into your system, feel free to contact the Audio Solutions Department.


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