Audio-Solutions Question of the Week: Can my Wired Microphone Be Used as a Wireless Mic?

Question: Can my wired microphone be used as a wireless mic?

Answer: Most professional wired microphones using the industry standard 3-pin male XLR-type output connector can be made wireless by adding the appropriate wireless transmitter with corresponding wireless receiver to it. Transmitters are available in a few different forms, including body-pack types, those built into a desktop type of stand, and plug-on transmitters. Depending on the microphone’s form factor and any power requirements, a particular style of transmitter and possibly an adapter cable to make the appropriate connections will be needed. If you have a condenser microphone, make certain that the transmitter provides the appropriate power for the microphone. If you have a dynamic microphone, the microphone itself will not require any power, but if it is used in conjunction with a switch or status indictor light, the switch and/or light will require power in order to function. When using a condenser microphone in conjunction with a separate switch and/or light, take into consideration the power requirements of each.

One method for operating your wired mic wirelessly is to use a body-pack transmitter with the appropriate adapter cable. Our XLRW Microphone Input Cable will permit the connection of a dynamic or condenser microphone that supplies its own power via an on-board battery to our body-pack transmitters. It is important to note that most body-pack transmitters do not supply phantom power, but a much smaller amount of power known as bias voltage. Bias voltage typically ranges between 5 and 10 volts and is used to power microphones designed specifically for this purpose. Wireless lavalier and headworn condenser microphones are popular forms of these, and they will have a mating connector specific to the type of input connector used on the transmitter.

Our ATW-T1007 Microphone Desk Stand Transmitter, for use with System 10 digital wireless receivers, provides a built-in transmitter, a top-mounted standard 3-pin female XLR-type input connector and 12 volts of phantom power. Add a dynamic gooseneck or phantom-powered gooseneck microphone to it to create a cable-free wireless podium or conference table microphone solution.


A final option for a handheld or other type of microphone that uses an integrated XLR connector is to add a plug-on transmitter to it. A plug-on transmitter will have a standard 3-pin female XLR-type input connector. Simply plug the microphone into the transmitter in the same way you would plug the microphone into the female end of an XLR microphone cable in a wired application.

For questions or product recommendations regarding wired or wireless microphones, or possibly converting your existing wired microphone to a wireless one, feel free to contact the Audio-Technica Audio Solutions Department.


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