Audio-Solutions Question of the Week: Can I Use Headphones to Listen Directly to my Audio-Technica Turntable?

Audio-Solutions Question of the Week: Can I Use Headphones to Listen Directly to my Audio-Technica Turntable?

Question: Can I use headphones to listen directly to my Audio-Technica turntable?

Answer: The short answer is yes, but since there is no volume control on the turntable you will want to add an amplifier, such as a headphone amplifier, with at least a volume control on it, between the turntable and the headphones so you have some control over the volume level of the music. Some amplifiers will also provide some degree of tone adjustment. The level of the signal coming out of the turntable is only moderately loud and the addition of the amplifier will also enable you to achieve a broader useable volume range. Thanks to a built-in RIAA phono preamplifier, our turntables do not have to be connected to a stereo amplifier or receiver with PHONO jacks on them or be used with an outboard phono preamplifier installed between the turntable and the headphones. Just set the preamp selector switch on the turntable to the ON or LINE position to turn the built-in preamplifier on and the RIAA equalization curve required to play back records will be applied to the signal, raising the signal level from phono level to line level. This line level signal is what a headphone amplifier needs so it, in turn, can drive the connected headphones to adequate volume levels.

If you have any additional questions about using Audio-Technica turntables, feel free to contact the Audio Solutions Department for assistance.



  1. I own an Audio Technica AT-LP60 turntable. I bought it two weeks ago.

    While listening to my records, the pitch is constantly fluctuating. It makes them unlistenable.

    I’m not sure if there is something I can do to fix it. Or if I can take it back to the store I purchased it from.

    Please advise.

  2. I have the same model turntable and the exact same problem and the product is less than three months old.

  3. Hi I recently purchased the Audio-Technica AT-LP60 I’m connecting them to powered speakers but while the volume level is good it’s not as loud as I would like it to be (when I connect other devices to the speakers they almost double the sound that I’m getting from the turntable) would a Phono Pre-Amplifier give me more sound volume? thanks in advance

  4. I purchased a headphone amp as recommended above, but its seems like i’m still missing adapters. How do I connect the headphone amp to the turnable and the headphones?

  5. I have two questions: (i) can this turntable be used with a portable speaker with Aux connection? and (ii) can I connect the turntable through a regular Aux cable or I would have to use the RCA that comes with the AT-LP60x and use an adapter for the Aux connection. (The portable speaker would be a Sony SRS XB20).

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