ATM350a Instrument Microphone System Roundup

ATM350a Instrument Microphone System Roundup

Whatever your instrument, Audio-Technica has an ATM350a microphone system to ensure it sounds great. Not only does this cardioid condenser come with an array of mounts – many with a re-engineered, robust gooseneck built to stay where you set it – but it also provides clear, well-balanced response (even at high SPLs), reduces side and rear pickup for excellent isolation of the instrument, and includes a switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter on its in-line power module to control unwanted ambient noise. So no matter what, where or how you play, the ATM350a has you covered.

To determine which ATM350a Instrument Mic System is right for you, we’ve rounded up our “when to use” blogs in one place. 

ATM350U or ATM350UL Universal Mounting Systems

ATM350a Instrument Microphone System Roundup

ATM350U Universal Mounting System (short) With a 5″ gooseneck and universal clip-on mount, the ATM350U is ideal for brass and sax players, yet is versatile enough to fit nearly any application. The mount features strong, rubber-lined clamping jaws and a locking screw to securely fasten the mount to the bell of your instrument or other surface. The socket screw locks the gooseneck to the mount, giving you the flexibility to position the mic exactly where you want it and the confidence to play freely, knowing that the mic will stay in place, no matter how much you move about.

The long universal mounting system includes the same adjustable clip-on mount as the shorter version, but with a 9″ gooseneck. This is perfect for musicians who like to position the mic farther away from the instrument’s bell or for those playing big-belled instruments like the tuba.

ATM350PL Piano Mounting System

This system’s unique magnetic mount attaches to the piano’s cast iron frame or other metal part, allowing you to easily position the mic exactly where you want it. Whether set up vertically or horizontally, the mount stays where it is placed, but can also be repositioned with ease. Like the mounts in other ATM350a systems, the piano mount includes a screw to lock its 9″ gooseneck into the mounting socket, and its base is lined with felt to prevent damage to the instrument.

ATM350a Instrument Microphone System Roundup

ATM350W Woodwind Mounting System

The adjustable hook-and-loop strap on the woodwind mount allows it to be easily attached just above the bell of the instrument. Specially designed contact points on the base of the mount minimize damping of the instrument’s resonance, while the strap’s rubber pad (opposite the mount) ensures a secure fit. The sturdy 5″ gooseneck lets you adjust the proximity of the mic to the bell, as desired.

ATM350a Instrument Microphone System Roundup

ATM350D Drum Mounting System

The Drum Mounting System is designed to stand up to powerful drumming. The spring-loaded mount clamps onto a tension rod (without hindering your ability to adjust the tension) and provides excellent shock resistance for the mic. The sturdiness of the 5″ gooseneck ensures that the mic will stay where you set it and won’t bounce around, no matter how hard you play.

ATM350a Instrument Microphone System Roundup

 ATM350GL Guitar Mounting System

ATM350a Instrument Microphone System Roundup

This system’s mount features a rugged, thumbscrew-adjustable clamp with non-marking pads that attaches to guitars and other stringed instruments with body depths of 90-135 mm. The strong, flexible 9″ gooseneck, which is held securely in the mount’s socket by a locking screw, lets you position the mic where you want it and hold it there, no matter how much you move the instrument you play. 

If you have further questions on the ATM350a Microphone Systems, feel free to contact the Audio Solutions Department for assistance.


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