ATH-SPORT7TW: SonicSport® In-Ear Headphones in a True Wireless Design

ATH-SPORT7TW: SonicSport® In-Ear Headphones in a True Wireless Design

Audio-Technica is excited to add a fitness-oriented product to our lineup of true wireless in-ear headphones. The ATH-SPORT7TW SonicSport® headphones deliver exceptional audio quality with the convenience of true wireless listening. Offering a variety of fitness-friendly features, the ATH-SPORT7TW headphones are a must-have for anyone that loves to workout.

The ATH-SPORT7TW Headphone Features

ATH-SPORT7TW: SonicSport® In-Ear Headphones in a True Wireless Design

The ATH-SPORT7TW in-ear headphones combine incredible audio with a true wireless design to keep you motivated through any type of workout. Equipped with powerful 5.8 mm drivers, these headphones emit crisp audio reproduction so you can enjoy your favorite workout playlist, and the true wireless design means no wires will get in your way. Offering additional safety for use outdoors, the ATH-SPORT7TW headphones include a switchable hear-through function, allowing listeners to hear ambient noise such as traffic, sirens, or voices.

The headphones come with ergonomic Freebit® ear fins and four sizes of interchangeable eartips with SweatGuard™ technology to provide stability and comfort even through the most vigorous workouts. And with their certified IPX5* waterproof rating, the ATH-SPORT7TW headphones can be rinsed to ensure they’ll be sweat-free for your next workout session.

ATH-SPORT7TW: SonicSport® In-Ear Headphones in a True Wireless Design

Adding to the convenience of their true wireless design, the ATH-SPORT7TW headphones also feature a mic and touch sensor built into each earpiece, which can be used to answer calls, control music playback, or adjust the volume on a paired device. You can also easily adjust headphone settings by connecting to the Audio-Technica Connect app on your smartphone.

On a full charge, these headphones provide 3.5 hours of continuous wireless listening. Designed for the everyday athlete, the ATH-SPORT7TW can be recharged up to 4 times using the included portable power bank charging case, providing a total of 17.5 hours of use. The charging case even offers you a quick charge function that provides 45 minutes of playback on a 10-minute charge, making the ATH-SPORT7TW the ultimate accessory for taking workouts to the next level.

*IEC rating “IPX5” (“Washable”). The headphone may be washed using running water (not completely waterproof).

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