#ATGameDay Reveals Gamers’ Top Three Picks

There was a new addition to the A-T family this year: gamers.

To celebrate all of our new friends in the gaming community, we decided to take National Video Games Day to the next level. What better way to mark this special day, we thought, than to offer gamers a chance to win the ATH-AG1 High-Fidelity Gaming Headset, the same gaming headset worn by the pros at Team KaLiBeR.

Founded in 2013 by several members of the Call of Duty community, Team KaLiBeR (TK) has been nothing but successful, ranking among the top Call of Duty teams at many widely recognized e-sporting events in both Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty: Ghosts. With a dedicated following throughout the professional gaming community, it is clear why we are honored to have this team sport our gaming headsets during their competitions!

Team Kaliber Audio-Technica

With TK known for their Call of Duty chops, we asked all our gaming fans on Twitter to tell us which games they can’t stop playing day and night. Here are the results from our #ATGameDay:

Top 3 Loved Video Games

  1. Call of Duty
  2. Destiny
  3. Skyrim

After compiling all the entries, one (perhaps not surprising) thing became clear: Call of Duty is the A-T fan favorite. We know TK will be happy to hear that!

We chose one participant at random to receive the ATH-AG1 Gaming Headset. So who was this lucky winner?

Drum roll please…

A big “CONGRATS” goes out to our #ATGameDay winner @HaloTutor! Below is his winning tweet during #ATGameDay:

Audio-Technica Gaming HeadsetsWe want to thank everyone who participated in our National Video Games Day giveaway. We really enjoyed reading your responses. Keep on gaming!





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