AT2020USBi First Impressions: Q&A With Mr.Bonzai

Modeled after the critically acclaimed AT2020, the AT2020USBi Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone has become a favorite among podcasters, voice over artists and more. One such fan is award-winning photographer and journalist Mr.Bonzai, who recently began using the microphone in his home office.

Read on as Mr.Bonzai shares his first impressions of the AT2020USBi in this exclusive interview.

Audio-Technica: What kind of projects have you been using the AT2020USBi on?Mr.Bonzai AT2020USBi

Mr.Bonzai: Initially, I started using it for Skype meetings and the results are so good that it gives me a leg up on the other speakers. I worked in radio for five years, so I know mic technique and this microphone is a dream.

My next project is a podcast with new audio to wrap around my historic interviews with folks like Leonard Cohen, Laurie Anderson, Brian Wilson, and hundreds of others. I have an archiving engineer/co-producer at a major recording studio in Hollywood and will be able to provide my voiceover remotely from my desktop.

A-T: Can you tell us a little about the AT2020USBi’s setup process?

Mr.Bonzai: I simply plugged the USB cable into my large screen iMac and it worked perfectly!

A-T: What are some of your favorite features of the AT2020USBi?

Mr.Bonzai: The mic has gain control on the mic itself and the cardioid pickup pattern provides good off-axis rejection, giving me excellent sound in a typical room environment, seated here at my computer. The AT2020USBi has a nice professional weight, too, and sits solidly on my desk. I especially like the little blue light that lets me know I am “on the air.”

A-T: What features are most important when choosing a microphone?

Mr.Bonzai: Good sound quality and ease of use.

A-T: What sets the AT2020USBi apart from other microphones?

Mr.Bonzai: Big sound and impressive look for any on-camera work.

A-T: Who do you think would benefit most from the AT2020USBi?

Mr.Bonzai: Anyone working on podcasts, Internet radio, voiceover artists, video presentations.

A-T: Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

Mr.Bonzai: As I mentioned earlier, my podcast of archival interviews I have done. In addition I plan on using it for desktop video productions where I will be on camera with my AT2020USBi.

We’d like to thank Mr.Bonzai for taking the time to share his thoughts on the AT2020USBi microphone!

Listen below to hear the AT2020USBi in action.



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