AT-LP60X: A User-Friendly Automatic Turntable from A-T

AT-LP60X: A User-Friendly Automatic Turntable from A-T

Getting into the world of vinyl is easier than ever with our latest turntable! Audio-Technica is excited to introduce our new, user-friendly AT-LP60X Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable. The updated version of our popular AT-LP60 model made its debut at CES this year, along with several other innovative audio products. This turntable is designed for easy use so that anyone can appreciate the authentic sound of vinyl without needing extensive knowledge of turntable operation. If you’re interested in getting a turntable of your own, continue reading to learn more about the AT-LP60X.

AT-LP60X Turntable Features

AT-LP60X: A User-Friendly Automatic Turntable from A-T

If you’re new to vinyl, you may be surprised to learn some turntables, like the AT-LP60X, need to be connected to external speakers, but its natural signal can be too low for average speakers without additional amplification. That’s why we included a built-in switchable phono preamp in the AT-LP60X. The phono preamp boosts and equalizes the signal from the turntable allowing it to work with a traditional home stereo system or powered speaker with a line-level input.

Another useful feature of this turntable is its fully automatic operation. The tonearm automatically lifts and cues the stylus at the start of the record, and also automatically lifts the tonearm once a record has ended.

Especially helpful for new vinyl enthusiasts is the fact that the AT-LP60X turntable comes with an integral Dual Magnet™ phono cartridge with a conveniently replaceable diamond stylus already attached to the tonearm. The tonearm is factory balanced, making it even easier to start listening to your records.

AT-LP60X: A User-Friendly Automatic Turntable from A-T

Both the headshell and tonearm were designed to limit unwanted resonance and enhance the tracking accuracy of the stylus to prevent poor sound quality or vinyl damage. Similarly, the die-cast aluminum platter also helps prevent extra vibrations that would otherwise impact music playback. Furthermore, the AC adapter handles the necessary AC/DC conversion outside of the turntable’s chassis to reduce noise in the signal chain. As such, this turntable is able to precisely replicate the authentic vinyl sound for music lovers to fully appreciate.

The AT-LP60X comes with an included RPM adapter that supports both 33-⅓ and 45 RPM records. It also comes with a detachable RCA output cable and a removable, hinged dust cover that keeps the platter clean in between uses. In addition to the standard black, this turntable is also available in several different color combinations, including brown and black, gunmetal and black, or red and black.

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  1. This is also sold with a host of other brand names on it. It’s OK as an entry level turntable, but an AT-LP120USB is a much better turntable and REALLY worth the extra investment!

  2. Can this turntable send audio to a couple of BT speakers simultaneously? I have 2 UE BOOM configured in stereo mode for the iPhone and I’m not sure if this would work with this turntable. Thanks.

    • The AT-LP60xBT turntable can only connect to one Bluetooth-enabled device at a time. However, it appears the UE BOOM speaker has the ability to connect speaker to speaker. This would “technically” mean the turntable will connect to one speaker and then the two speakers may be connected together as indicated in this video: Thanks! – A-T USA

  3. I’ve been waiting for this new lineup since it was announced. Any word on when they will show up in stores? I keep checking best buy and amazon but as of mid march nothing

    • Hi Chad! The AT-LP60X will be available in other colors early 2019, please stay tuned to our social channels and website for updates on availability. Thanks! – A-T USA

  4. I currently own the Audio-Technica turntable model LP60 bk/sp121 bk. Can the Presonus Eris 3.5 Monitors be used with this turntable. They are compatible and available for purchase with the model LP60X

    • Hi Anthony! Yes, the AT-LP60x may be connected directly to powered speakers, including the model listed. Thanks! – A-T USA

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