Akron Zips Esports Team: Q&A with Member William Weiser

Akron Zips Esports Team: Q&A with Member William Weiser

Audio-Technica is the proud audio sponsor of the University of Akron’s new esports team, the Akron Zips. We previously sat down to discuss the future of esports at the University of Akron with head coach Michael Fay Jr., and today we’re excited to give you an inside look at what goes into preparing for and playing competitive esports from member William Weiser.

William Weiser, a 19-year-old Ohio native and current freshman at the University of Akron, always felt video games played a major role in his life and quickly found his place as a member of the Rocket League Varsity Team for the Akron Zips esports program. We recently had the opportunity to interview William, where he gave us some insight into his life as an esports athlete, including all the details of how he and the team prepared ahead of the Collegiate Rocket League Nationals this season, resulting in a third-place win! Read the full interview below.

How long have you been playing esports and what is your favorite part about the sport?

I have been competing in esports for nearly six years. My favorite part is the competitiveness that it brings. I’m a very competitive person in almost everything I do, so esports really lets me embrace that.

What is the biggest difference when playing esports as a team opposed to playing individually?

Akron Zips Esports Team: Q&A with Member William Weiser

Playing as a team is something that I have always wanted to do. Gaming is so much more enjoyable when you are doing it in person next to your teammates and/or friends.

You’re a member of the Varsity Rocket League of the Akron Zips esports program. Can you describe what a typical day is like for a Varsity Rocket League member like yourself?

On a practice day, I will leave home in the morning and go through my classes. If I have breaks in between my classes I might stop into the esports facility and play for a while. After classes, I usually get food with some friends and then finish out the day with a scheduled practice which includes my five teammates and my coach.

Akron Zips Esports Team: Q&A with Member William Weiser

Your team recently placed 3rd in Collegiate Rocket League Nationals this season at a live event at the Esports Stadium in Arlington Texas. Congratulations! Can you describe your preparation for the competition and the tactics used during the competition that helped your team win this impressive award?

Throughout the season we went through some points of adversity, but we knew what we were capable of and with scheduled practices and playing on the side as a team. As for the live tournament, we had already gotten over the biggest obstacle which was getting there. So we tried to stay focused and played the best that we could.

As a founding team member of the Akron Zips esports team, what are your goals for the team and what would you like to see in the years to come?

Akron Zips Esports Team: Q&A with Member William Weiser

I believe that the goal for our program as a whole is to show people what collegiate esports is all about and how much support there really is for it. For the future, I just want to see esports become a mainstream form of entertainment and competition.

Can you offer any advice to aspiring esports players?

The only way to get to the top is to grind out whatever game you are playing. So keep playing.

As a relatively new recognized collegiate sport, what are your thoughts on esports? Comment below!

All Images Courtesy of Michael Fay Jr., Head Coach of the Akron Zips.


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