Advice from the Pros: Ask Me Anything Series

Over the past two years, we’ve had the privilege of hosting some of the most influential and knowledgeable people in the audio industry at our various trade shows and events through our “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) question and answer program.

At AES 2013, in New York City, we introduced our first AMA, where attendees at the event and participants online could ask our guests anything from questions about their favorite mics to how they got started in the business to even where they find the best pizza in NYC.

Best of AMA Series

We’ve had a blast hosting our AMA sessions and wanted to compile a few of our favorite bits of knowledge from some of our most memorable guests.

On Getting Started in the Music Industry

“Attitude is still the most important thing. You can’t teach it.” – Frank Wells

“The biggest thing is that you want someone to just sit there and keep their ears and eyes open and take as much in as they can and then, over the course of time, start to contribute. No one’s expecting anyone to come out of school and contribute immediately.” – Joel Singer

“If you continue doing anything, you’re gonna get good at it. If you continue doing anything, eventually you will win. If you continue doing anything, you will never fail at it.” – Jimmy Douglass

“The main thing, I think, is being where you want and being where the action is.” – Ryan Hewitt

On Being Successful in the Studio

“Well, first of all it has to be a good song. If it’s not a good song, I have to find something to lock into musically that I’ll find enjoyable to play to. It all really does boil down to the lyrics and melody for me.” – Curt Bisquera

“Whatever methodology you use or whatever science you apply to what you do, you always have to maintain your gut… Sometimes the mistake is the thing that makes your thing stand out.” – Herb Trawick

“You can make anything perfect now… but making it right is the big difference.” – Lenise Bent

On the Future of Audio

“The more technology develops, the more it’s going to be about people and about what they know. Knowledge is going to be the main factor, that’s going to be the commodity.” – Richard Chycki

“Technology moves so rapidly that, even for as long as I have been doing this now, I find that we are always learning about the next new thing. It’s never-ending and that excites me, actually. Because why would you stick to doing things in a regimented way when there is a newer, maybe easier, maybe more efficient way of doing it?” – Frank Klepacki

And there you have it, the best of the best. Which audio professional has made an impact on you and your career? Tell us in the comments below!


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