A-T’s Recap of the Second Annual Csaba Petocz Master Class Scholarship

A-T’s Recap of the Second Annual Csaba Petocz Master Class Scholarship

Audio-Technica was proud to sponsor the second annual Csaba Petocz Master Class Scholarship on September 22, 2018 alongside the Recording, Radio and Film Connection (RRFC) and Clyne Media. This audio educational event scholarship was created to honor the memory of Csaba Petocz, the beloved music producer and engineer who worked with artists like Metallica, Elvis Costello, and Aretha Franklin. Petocz left a legacy beyond his three GRAMMY® nominations, along with 37 number-one record credits and 32 platinum and multi-platinum albums.

Last year, A-T sponsored the first-ever scholarship event, where five lucky audio students were selected to work with award-winning producer and engineer Joe Chiccarelli. This year’s event was hosted by five-time GRAMMY® Award-winning mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge, a long-time friend and colleague of Petocz, who taught the one-day advanced audio workshop at his personal recording studio, Mix L.A.

The audio education event started with Lord-Alge addressing the students about Petocz’s legacy.

“I have always viewed my work as not just a job but a full-time gig – it’s a life, and that’s how my friend Csaba viewed it as well. You can’t just put your toe in the water – you have to dive in with both feet and swim your butt off,” Lord-Alge said. “That type of attitude, that kind of vibe and commitment comes through the second you walk through that studio door and that’s the kind of engineer/producer clients are looking for.”

Six scholarship winners attended the second annual workshop, where Lord-Alge focused on teaching the essentials of being an engineer/producer, including mixing, gear, and production. Lord-Alge, who has worked with artists like Rise Against, Green Day, and Pink, aimed to instill the standards and values that made working with Csaba such a unique and rewarding experience. One lesson, in particular, was surrounding the business aspect of the recording process. According to Lord-Alge, dealing with clients and record labels requires a high level of confidence.

“I would say the most important thing you need to have is organization and confidence,” Lord-Alge said. “Even if you keep your work organized and know how to engineer and how to do this or that – that’s just mechanics. But if you can do all that, but can’t keep your face forward, your attention up and be confident, it’s a complete failure. Because the confident one is the one that stands out and wins.”

A-T was honored to sponsor the second annual scholarship event and pay tribute to the renowned audio producer and engineer.

“We are so glad that we are able to continue to honor Csaba,” said Audio-Technica Vice President Michael Edwards. “Working with some of his closest friends like Joe Chiccarelli last year, and Chris Lord-Alge this year exposes a new generation of audio professionals to his experience and work ethic, while acknowledging and paying homage to Csaba’s accomplishments throughout his career. CLA and his staff couldn’t have been any more accommodating, and the event was so successful that we are planning to do it again in 2019 with the goal of honoring Csaba’s achievements and passing on his philosophies and work ethics to the next generation of audio professionals.”

The audio educational scholarship is scheduled to continue in 2019, giving additional advanced audio engineering and music production students the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in the studio to honor Petocz’s legacy.

“This year’s event with Chris Lord-Alge gave the students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from one of the greats of our industry while honoring the legacy of Csaba,” said Brian Kraft, Chief Academic Officer/COO of Recording Radio Film Connection & Casa Schools, said of the scholarship event. “Everyone here at the Recording Connection is looking forward to participating in next year’s event and keeping this scholarship going for years to come.”

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