A-T’s Sound Reality In-Ear Headphones Offer Sonic Realism On the Go

It’s now easier than ever to enjoy the highest level of sonic realism either at home or on the go. Audio-Technica’s Sound Reality headphones were specifically designed to offer uncompromised audio quality, and with A-T’s wireless in-ear Sound Reality headphones, there’s no need to choose sound quality over the flexibility of a Bluetooth wireless connection. So, whether you’re relaxing at home, studying at the coffee shop, or answering calls on your commute, you never have to worry about poor audio quality – and the beauty of a wireless connection means your audio can keep up with your busy lifestyle.

For those looking to take Sound Reality on the go, the ATH-CKR35BT wireless in-ear headphones offer true-to-life audio and superior sound isolation. Whether enjoying your favorite album or listening to a compelling podcast, you’ll never have to worry about outside noises interfering with your audio experience. Featuring high-performance 9.8 mm drivers and vibration-absorbing brass stabilizers, the ATH-CKR35BT headphones take the earbud listening experience to the next level.

Featuring Bluetooth technology, the ATH-CKR35BT headphones allow you to quickly and easily connect to your smartphone. The convenient behind-the-neck design with in-line microphone and controls allows you to easily adjust volume, answer calls, and control music, taking you from home to wherever you need to be without missing a beat. Perfect for long commutes, the headphones’ compact housings offer a comfortable fit with adjustable eartip sizes to ensure total immersion.

The ATH-CKR55BT in-ear wireless headphones offer the same features as the ATH-CKR35BT, but with enhancements that any music lover will appreciate. Never again worry about losing the sound quality your favorite artist intended for you to hear, as the ATH-CKR55BT headphones’ newly designed 10.7 mm drivers are paired with a built-in amplifier that enhances audio depth and resolution, while machined brass stabilizers absorb unwanted vibration to produce clearer mid and high frequencies.

Say goodbye to the days when a wireless connection meant inconsistent, low-quality audio. The ATH-CKR55BT headphones’ Bluetooth wireless technology includes access to the high-quality aptX and AAC codecs, ensuring powerful, full-range audio at all times.

For the true audiophile, the ATH-CKR75BT headphones offer unparalleled audio quality. Not your typical wireless headphones, the ATH-CRK75BT comes equipped with high-precision 11.8 mm drivers, which reproduce audio with an extended 5 – 40,000 Hz frequency response. Gone are the days of wasting high-resolution drivers on a low-quality wireless feed; the ATH-CKR75BT headphones are compatible with aptX and AAC codecs, in addition to the standard SBC codec.

Rest assured, the ATH-CKR75BT headphones will outlast your favorite album of the moment, as the strong aluminum housings greatly reduce unwanted resonance, producing crisp mid- and high-range audio reproduction, and their lightweight yet stylish construction means you’ll never want to take these earbuds out.

What do you think of the A-T Sound Reality in-ear wireless headphones? Would you want to listen to the ATH-CKR35BT, ATH-CKR55BT, or the ATH-CKR75BT? Comment below and let us know!



  1. College student here. Just purchased the MSR7’s and have been blown away, I love them! I would love to listen to these new in-ear headphones to see how A-T does Bluetooth on-the-go. When I think of wireless in-ear headphones I think of active lifestyles and athletes. I hope they have the base that so many athletes need to keep pumped up!

  2. I just purchased ATH-CKR55BT blue tooth earbuds in Japan and would like a link for an instruction page in English.

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