3 Tips for Recording Drums on a Budget

Setting up drum microphones can be the most involved step in your recording process, but it doesn’t need to be the most expensive.

Here’s the best way to begin without breaking the bank.

1.         Kick Drum Mics


Start with a PRO 25ax dynamic instrument mic placed just outside the hole on the kick drum. Since you’ll be using a single microphone on the kick drum, position the mic to pick up the attack from the batterhead through the hole while picking up the low-end from the front head at the same time.

2.         Snare Mics


On top of the snare, use a PRO 63 dynamic instrument mic. Place it about an inch and a half above the drum just inside the rim.

3.         Overhead Mics


The drum sound’s foundation will come from two microphones – a pair of AT2020 cardioid condensers in the Recorderman position, consistening of two (preferably) matching microphones, one directly above the snare and one just above the drummer’s shoulder, angled at the snare. They should be equidistant from the kick and the snare. Now the overhead pair of drum mics presents a full picture of the kit, while the mics on the kick and the snare serve to augment it.

As easily as that, you have your kit ready to record with only four drum microphones We hope this setup has given you a good springboard into recording drums. Now, the rest is up to you!

What budget-friendly methods are you using to record drums? Share with us in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter. And keep checking the blog for more tips!


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