3 Multi-Mic Combinations for Recording Electric Guitar

There are several multi-microphone techniques that can help refine your guitar sound while recording.  Here are a few tips to take your sound to the next level..

1.         Two Dynamic Mics

Try positioning two dynamic microphones on one speaker. In this arrangement, we’re using two ATM650 dynamic microphones. The first microphone is aimed straight ahead at the sweet spot of the speaker cone to capture the brightness and the mid-range edge. The second mic is placed at the outside edge of the speaker at a 45-degree angle, roughly parallel with the speaker cone.


2.         One Dynamic and One Condenser Mic Combo

Try a dynamic mic and a condenser mic combination. In this configuration, we’re using an ATM650 hypercardioid dynamic mic for mid-range bite and an AE3000 cardioid condenser mic for extended low-end and top-end brilliance. They’re each positioned on one of two speakers, right on the sweet spot, and about the same distance from the grill to keep them in phase. If the amp is cranked up, engage the pad on the condenser


3.         Secondary Condenser and Dynamic Mic Combo

Use the AE2500 dual element cardioid instrument mic for a combination of condenser and dynamic elements in the same microphone housing. This provides both the focused mid-range of the dynamic element and the extended frequency response of the condenser element for a nice balance.

secondary condenser

Play with these microphones and positions until you find just the right sound for your mix. Every amp and every guitar is different, so the perfect setup is ultimately in your hands. Good luck!

Check out the full video below:

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