2017 A-T Gift Guide: Gifts for Audiophiles, Gamers, Vinyl Collectors and More

It’s less than three weeks until Thanksgiving, which means that Black Friday – the official kickoff of holiday shopping – is right around the corner. Lucky for you, we’ve put together the ultimate Holiday Gift Guide that’s packed with great gift ideas for all ages and interests! So, whether you’re shopping for a gamer, music aficionado, podcaster, professional musician, or anyone who loves music, you’ve come to the right place – no Black Friday crowds necessary!

Gamers Will Love…

Whether shopping for a beginner or avid gamer, our headphones and microphones will help keep their head in the game while staying comfortable during long gaming sessions. Some of the biggest names in the gaming industry trust Audio-Technica for all their streaming needs, and any gamer will appreciate using some of the same audio equipment as Twitch all-stars Summit1G, GoldGlove, and TimTheTatMan.

When it comes to creating the ultimate gaming experience, look no further than the ATH-ADG1X (1) open-air gaming headset. The headset’s all metal honeycomb housings keep it light and cool, so gamers won’t work up a sweat even when playing all day. The gooseneck microphone makes in-game communication a breeze, without picking up unwanted ambient noise.

Is the gamer you’re shopping for in need of a microphone upgrade? The AT2020USB+ (2) microphone is equipped with a USB output, which makes for seamless connection to your gamer’s computer. High-quality digital audio means their voice will never cut out during in-game communication and they can keep chasing their high score without a worry.

Musicians Will Love…

Shopping for a musician who needs stage equipment? What about someone who’s preparing for a studio recording session? From the stage to the studio, A-T offers headphones and microphones that will help them deliver their best performance.

The all-purpose AT2005USB (3) microphone has a dual output, which allows musicians to quickly and easily deliver a performance either in the studio or onstage. The USB output makes the microphone perfect for digital recording for studio recording needs, while the XLR output connects with a sound system’s conventional microphone input for live performances.

The ATH-SR6BTBK (4) headphones deliver amazing high-fidelity audio for playing back recordings, whether you choose to use a traditional wired connection or Bluetooth® wireless technology. Musicians who record routinely will love the Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality, which enables easy connection between devices and the headphones’ memory. Easily connect with smartphones, tablets, music players, and other devices for consistent audio quality from the studio to the streets.

Podcasters Will Love…

High-quality recordings are equally as important as a compelling podcast topic. Help your favorite podcaster take their recordings to the next level with the AT2035 (5) microphone. The AT2035 captures exceptional detail and handles high sound pressure levels with ease, so they won’t have to worry about doing another take to get the audio just right. The microphone’s custom shock mount attenuates noise and vibration that might otherwise be picked up from a desk or mic stand, keeping recordings sounding great even in a busy environment. Pair it with the ATH-SR6BTBK (4) wireless headphones for distraction-free recording sessions that speed up episode production, so they’ll never keep their audience waiting for a new episode.

Vinyl Collectors Will Love…

With the revival of vinyl comes the need for a quality turntable to do those old records justice. Whether shopping for a novice or veteran vinyl collector, your gift will be easy enough for anyone to use, while providing the quality serious vinyl collectors will love.

The AT-LP120-USB (6) professional stereo turntable will bring old records back to life and has a sleek modern look that will complement any home or apartment. The record player comes complete with a USB output, perfect for connecting directly to their computer. From listening to records the traditional way, to digitizing their LPs, the turntable will meet all of their vinyl collection needs.

Audiophiles Will Love…

Shopping for someone who’s a true audiophile? Our products feature innovative technology to appeal to their technology needs and limited-edition color schemes to make them stand out from the crowd.

Even the most avid audiophile will be impressed by the ATH-DSR7BT (7) over-ear wireless headphones. These innovative headphones feature A-T’s new Pure Digital Drive system, which distinguishes them from conventional wireless headphones as it allows them to operate without a sound-degrading D/A converter.

If you’re looking to treat your audiophile to an exclusive, limited-edition item, the ATH-M50xRD (8) headphones are a gift any high-fidelity sound enthusiast will appreciate. The critically acclaimed ATH-M50x headphones now come in a limited-edition red and gold color scheme. Praised by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers year after year, the ATH-M50x headphones have become a staple in almost every music aficionado’s collection. Treat the person on your list to an exclusive color combo that many will be clamoring for this holiday season.

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      • I haven’t caught any announcement(s) on the warehouse sale. Has this come and gone already?

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