3 Tips for Recording Group Vocals with a Single Mic

Recording Group Vocals with a Single Mic

Using a single mic to record a group of vocalists allows the singers to control their blend and balance more naturally than if they were recorded individually. The result can be a richer, more organic sound. With that in mind,… Continue Reading

Tips For Recording 4 Latin Percussion Instruments

There are a wide variety of Latin percussion instruments with different tonal qualities. Incorporating the right ones on the right tracks will provide tasteful accents that make your song really pop. Audio-Technica is here to help you with mic selection… Continue Reading

5 Basic Recording Tips for the Hi-Hat

The hi-hat is the glue that connects all the parts of your drum kit, but it’s often overlooked. Miking and recording the hi-hat properly will do wonders for your mix, nicely filling out the space in your drum track. Follow… Continue Reading