Basic Recording Techniques: The Dobro


While the Dobro may closely resemble the guitar it’s important to note that these are two distinctly different instruments. The Dobro has its own unique sound and vocabulary. Keeping that in mind, we’ve compiled some basic techniques for when you’re… Continue Reading

Basic Recording Techniques: Strings


For centuries, bowed string instruments have played an important role in music from all around the world. These instruments are known for their complex and expressive sound, which can be challenging to capture in the recording studio. As part of… Continue Reading

Basic Recording Techniques: The Small Ensemble


There are a multitude of stereo miking techniques that can be used when recording small musical ensembles. Capturing an authentic sound is paramount. As part of our basic recording techniques video series, we are going to demonstrate three of the… Continue Reading

Basic Recording Techniques: Saxes


From the orchestra to intimate jazz clubs, the saxophone family of woodwind instruments can be found in a variety of musical setting. Saxes come in many sizes, each producing a distinct sound. Naturally, these will each require unique techniques for… Continue Reading