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Audio Solutions Question of the Week: What Do All of These Headphone Specs Mean and Why Are They Important?

Hi Res Headphones

What do all of these headphone specs mean and why are they important?

Answer: Headphone specs, like specs on any piece of audio equipment, provide valuable information about how the equipment is built, how it will perform and how it can be used.

Here’s a list that explains the various specs you’re likely to find cited for headphones:
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Insight from the Audio Solutions Experts

Here at Audio-Technica, we like to stay true to our motto – “Always Listening.” And to truly live up to it, we recently started a blog series: “Audio Solutions Question of the Week.” This blog series features the experts from our Audio Solutions Team answering some of your most common audio-related questions. Each week, the team takes on a different question about audio gear, audio theory, or troubleshooting.

From the start of the series we’ve received a lot of positive feedback on our Question of the Week posts, so we decided to create a roundup of all the posts for easy reference in case you missed any.

Audio Solutions Team

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Fred Ginsburg: Q&A With a Hollywood Sound Pro – Part 1

A skilled Hollywood sound acquisition specialist who worked on classic television shows like St. Elsewhere and films including Platoon and Used Cars, Fred Ginsburg uses his professional experience as a Production Sound Mixer and Sound Designer to refashion the educational curriculum of sound for picture. Ginsburg offers workshops throughout the country, helping students establish a base of knowledge about this critical but under-taught aspect of cinema and television sound.

Fred Ginsburg

Fred Ginsburg presenting at NAB 2014. If you’re at this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas, stop by Booth C1742, where Fred Ginsburg will be answering questions.

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Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Prevent Microphone Feedback?

Question: How do I prevent microphone feedback?

Answer: Feedback, also known as the Larsen effect, occurs when the amplified sound from any loudspeaker reenters the sound system through an open microphone and is amplified again and again, causing a loop. We often tell customers that feedback is not the fault of the microphone because any microphone will feed back given the right conditions (or maybe in this context, wrong conditions). However, there are some steps that you can take to avoid or lessen the likelihood of feedback. Try some of these:

Audio Solutions Team

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Audio Solutions Question of the Week: I’m Hearing a Delay With My USB Audio Device, Is This Normal?

Question: I’m hearing a delay with my USB Audio Device, is this normal?

Answer: When using a digital audio device, such as a USB microphone, you might experience a delay from the time you speak into the microphone to the time you hear the audio come out of the computer speakers or headphones. When you speak into a USB microphone, the analog signal picked up by the microphone element needs to be converted into a digital signal that your computer can read. Once your computer reads that signal, it needs to be converted back to analog in order to be heard through speakers or headphones.

Audio Solutions Team

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