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Basic Recording Techniques: Capturing the Spirit of the Organ

The tonewheel organ cemented its place in history as one of the earliest electric instruments. The organ, along with the rotary speaker cabinet, has found its way into nearly every musical genre, from relaxed jazz to stereo thumping rock and roll.

A truly versatile instrument, the organ can adapt to any style and we have some tips to help you capture the organ’s unique tone and spirit.

Audio-Technica Basic Recording Techniques

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Audio Solutions Question of the Week: What Do All of These Headphone Specs Mean and Why Are They Important?

Hi Res Headphones

What do all of these headphone specs mean and why are they important?

Answer: Headphone specs, like specs on any piece of audio equipment, provide valuable information about how the equipment is built, how it will perform and how it can be used.

Here’s a list that explains the various specs you’re likely to find cited for headphones:
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Insight from the Audio Solutions Experts

Here at Audio-Technica, we like to stay true to our motto – “Always Listening.” And to truly live up to it, we recently started a blog series: “Audio Solutions Question of the Week.” This blog series features the experts from our Audio Solutions Team answering some of your most common audio-related questions. Each week, the team takes on a different question about audio gear, audio theory, or troubleshooting.

From the start of the series we’ve received a lot of positive feedback on our Question of the Week posts, so we decided to create a roundup of all the posts for easy reference in case you missed any.

Audio Solutions Team

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