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Q&A with Charlie Waymire

Over the years Charlie Waymire has worn many hats within the music industry.

From touring the world to opening his own recording studio, Waymire has seemingly done it all. These experiences have provided him with a wealth of knowledge that he’s shared in our ongoing Basic Recording Techniques series. Recently we had a chance to talk with the man himself and gain some insight into the recording industry.

Read on to find out what drove Waymire to open Ultimate Studios, Inc. and what advice he has for those just getting started in the business.

Charlie Waymire at Ultimate Studios, Inc.

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Finding Your Calling: Q&A With Mike Johnston

Mike Johnston

Mike Johnston’s musical journey began when he took up the drums at an early age. Later, he pursued the rock star dream, touring the world and releasing two albums on a major label with the band Simon Says. However, he soon discovered that education was his true calling.

Johnston now shares his passion for teaching with students around the world thanks to, the largest educational site for drummers. Read on as Johnston shares life lessons and gives insights into his recording setup.

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Mastering your A-T Turntable: The Ultimate Resource

It’s no secret that the revival of vinyl records is in full swing. With international events like Record Store Day and Vinyl Record Day, awareness of the revival is reaching new levels.

It’s no secret that we love vinyl here at A-T and our turntable blog posts are some of our most popular posts to date. Since we have so many fans looking for turntable resources, we put together all of the tips and tricks we’ve posted so far into one jam-packed blog!

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Pro Audio Tips & Tricks: Top 5 Resources from the Experts

Our tagline is “Always Listening” and over the years we’ve taken it to heart as we constantly strive to bring you not only the best in audio equipment but also the best resources so you can get the most out of your gear.

From turntable setup, to mic position, and beyond, we’re happy to help users in any way possible, so here we present the Tips & Tricks from the A-T blog that our fans share the most!

  1. Setting Up the AT-LP120-USB Turntable

As with most professional gear, proper setup is critical to getting the most out of the AT-LP120-USB and ensuring long-lasting operation of the stylus and enjoyment of your records.

Setting Up AT-LP120 USB

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Basic Recording Techniques: Strings

For centuries, bowed string instruments have played an important role in music from all around the world. These instruments are known for their complex and expressive sound, which can be challenging to capture in the recording studio. As part of our basic recording techniques video series, here are some tips to take the mystery out of recording bowed string instruments.

Basic Recording Techniques

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