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SonicFuel™ CKX Headphones: Take Your Fit Personally

Have you ever bought a pair of in-ear headphones and quickly regretted your purchase because the things kept falling out of your ears?

That all-too-common problem is why we worked to develop an adjustable fit that works for everyone. And you can find our solution on the SonicFuel™ ATH-CKX5iS in-ear headphones. These babies not only deliver the great, natural-sounding audio you’d expect from Audio-Technica, plus an easy-to-use in-line smartphone controller, but they also come with interchangeable eartips and C-tips that guarantee a custom, comfortable fit to keep the tunes flowing even during active use.

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Audio-Technica Presents ‘How To Mic A Zombie’

Zombies exist solely in the realm of fiction — or DO they? Audio-Technica thinks it better to be safe than sorry. Surviving in a zombie apocalypse relies on preparedness in every aspect of life — even microphone technique. In this spooky video, Audio-Technica teaches you “How to Mic a Zombie.” Sit back, enjoy, and remember to check under the bed, in the closets and behind the curtains.

Back to School in Style

As we started to plan our last few summer concerts and nights making s’mores over the fire, we had to catch our breath at the thought that summer will actually be over soon.

But fear not! You can return to school this September in style. There’s no better motivation to get back to your studies than having a new pair of headphones to continue to play your favorite summer jams.

Not sure what headphones will work best? No problem! From in-ear headphones for those on the move to award-winning noise-cancelling technology to drown out your roommate’s snoring, here’s our guide for picking your new headphones.

audio-techncia noise cancelling headphones

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The A-T Summer Essentials Headphones Guide

With summer in full swing, you may find yourself with more to do than you have time for. But that’s the beauty of summer!

Perhaps you’re the outdoorsy type, eager to hike your way across America in the heat of the summer sun. Maybe you prefer late night clubbing. Or maybe your dream summer will unfold in your own living room, as you climb the ranks in your favorite video game.

Whatever your dream summer looks like, Audio-Technica has the right headphones to make sure you’re always listening.

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Audio-Technica at CE Week 2014

Consumer Electronics Week 2014 was hosted at the Metropolitan Pavilion and the Altman Building in New York City from June 23 – 27, and a vast array of tech leaders in the CE industry showcased their latest products.

Heavy-hitting legacy companies and startups alike came together to share the products that will push CE forward. Audio-Technica joined the conversation to show three of our SonicFuel™ models that are making it easier than ever to be “always listening.”

Here’s a shot of our own Jeff Simcox with Rick Albuck of Dealerscope Magazine, one of the producers of CE Week:

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We Want You to #ShowUsYourSound

At Audio-Technica, we know there’s more than one way to enjoy a good song. When you hear certain tunes, they change you.

There’s something about the mix, the melody, the singer, the drummer, the synth – whatever that unnamed something is – they leave you a different person once the song has ended. Put simply, music inspires. And many music lovers are driven to represent that inspiration visually. So, let’s see what you got – show us your sound!

audio-technica giveaway

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The M-Series Selector | Find Your Studio Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica M-Series headphones have enlightened experienced engineers and critical listeners alike since the original ATH-M50 headphones first hit the scene.

Today, the M-Series boasts a remastered version of the original M50, plus three other pro-grade headphones to choose from. If you’re thinking about jumping into the world of serious studio monitor headphones, we encourage you to take the plunge with one of our new M-Series models. Below we reveal what sets our M-Series apart.

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