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Start Fresh this Fall with A-T! #GetATFresh

Summer is over; school is in session and the days are getting shorter. It’s safe to say that fall is upon us. This season, we want to know if you’re ready for a new start!

Getting back into the swing of things isn’t always the easiest task. After spending time at the beach or lounging by the pool, sitting in a class or behind a desk all day can be a bit of a challenge. Some may even say it’s impossible with all those office distractions and temptations.

Whether you’re cleaning up and rearranging your workspace at the office or setting up your new dorm room at school, it’s time for a fresh start. Whatever it may be, we want to see a photo of your new, ‘refreshed’ space.

audio-technica ath-anc 70
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Top 5 Workouts Made Awesome By Headphones

With little more than a couple clicks in a search engine you can find countless articles on the best workout headphones, the best exercise headphones, or even the best running headphones.

But what all of those blogs, articles, and top 10 lists fail to mention are the best exercises to perform with headphones. From running to lifting, when are the best times to put on headphones, shut out the world, and break a sweat?

in ear sports headphones

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Back to School in Style

As we started to plan our last few summer concerts and nights making s’mores over the fire, we had to catch our breath at the thought that summer will actually be over soon.

But fear not! You can return to school this September in style. There’s no better motivation to get back to your studies than having a new pair of headphones to continue to play your favorite summer jams.

Not sure what headphones will work best? No problem! From in-ear headphones for those on the move to award-winning noise-cancelling technology to drown out your roommate’s snoring, here’s our guide for picking your new headphones.

audio-techncia noise cancelling headphones

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The A-T Summer Essentials Headphones Guide

With summer in full swing, you may find yourself with more to do than you have time for. But that’s the beauty of summer!

Perhaps you’re the outdoorsy type, eager to hike your way across America in the heat of the summer sun. Maybe you prefer late night clubbing. Or maybe your dream summer will unfold in your own living room, as you climb the ranks in your favorite video game.

Whatever your dream summer looks like, Audio-Technica has the right headphones to make sure you’re always listening.

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Audio-Technica Hits the Streets at SXSW 2014

Since its inception in 1987, South by Southwest (SXSW) has rapidly grown into one of the biggest multimedia events in the world. People from far corners of the world flock to SXSW in greater numbers each year to share in the excitement.

In March, Audio-Technica was fortunate to have a booth during the festival. We brought some A-T gear along with us and we also worked with the Austin Music Foundation (AMF) to spread the word about local music. We dove headlong into Austin’s dizzying, amorphous SXSW culture.

In short, we had a blast. What follows is a roundup of our favorite moments at this year’s SXSW.
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Looking Back on the SonicFuel™ Experiences at CES 2014

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showcased a variety of innovative technologies, from 4K televisions and 3D printers to cutting-edge audio equipment – and Audio-Technica was at the forefront of the action with our SonicFuel Experience.

We invited audio dealers and members of the press to experience our new SonicFuel ATH-CKX line of headphones during 20-minute sessions – which included a demonstration, fitting and photo op with a complimentary pair of ATH-CKX5iS headphones – and the response was overwhelmingly positive.


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The A-T Holiday Gift Guide

audio technicaThe holidays have arrived again. It’s strange how the season always seems to sneak up on us! Though the season brings the joys of family, friends, and carefree, reminiscent evenings, it also brings the stress of planning and execution.

Audio-Technica has simplified at least one aspect of your holiday hustle – gifts, with a Holiday Gift Guide where you’ll find some of our best microphones and headphones in tailored suggestions for the different types of people in your life.

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Live in the Music (or the Silence) with QuietPoint® Active Noise-cancelling Headphones

qpointWhen you pop on your headphones, you want to hear your music (or podcast or audiobook or DVD audio … ) and not the noise rumbling around you. Unfortunately, in our highly mechanized world, this can be difficult. What with traffic noise, machinery hum, the blowing of temperature-control and ventilation systems, plus other ubiquitous sound generators, you may need to crank the volume—even with headphones—just to focus on your chosen audio. This is where our QuietPoint® Active Noise-cancelling Headphones can help.

The QuietPoint line also employs active noise-cancelling technology, which uses electronics to further combat unwanted sound. Here’s how it works: A miniature microphone in each earpiece picks up ambient noise. Then, the headphones’ noise-cancelling circuitry creates a sound wave that is 180° out of phase with this ambient noise, effectively erasing it, without diminishing the audio you want to hear. So you get to hear what you intend to hear. And, since you’re no longer battling all those unwanted decibels, you can also do your ears the favor of listening to your audio at a lower volume.

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Take Control of Noise: the ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint® Headphones With Tri-Level Cancellation™

Obviously, we at Audio-Technica love sound (“audio” is part of our name, after all). But let’s face it—our technologically advanced world, with all its wonderful machines and conveniences, can be a terribly noisy place. Quiet PointAnd that can be terribly frustrating, if not outright unhealthy. The World Health Organization’s “Guidelines for Community Noise,” for example, identify seven categories of adverse health effects from noise pollution. Besides addressing obvious issues like hearing loss and sleep disturbance, the guidelines also highlight mental health, performance and behavioral issues.

But while distracting noise is an all too common component of our everyday lives, its nature and intensity certainly doesn’t remain static. Nor does our need to reduce it. The key is in being able to control our environment to the extent that we hear everything we want—and need—to hear, while filtering out all the distracting or damaging noise.

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