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’Tis the (Audio) Season: A-T’s Official 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – well, almost! Thanksgiving is on the horizon, and immediately following that is the chaos known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

These hectic days of deals upon deals mark the official start of the holiday shopping season. And they also highlight a common fact of modern life: Most of us are really busy during the holidays. Having to think of a great gift for the musician, producer, or audiophile in your life – on top of everything else – doesn’t exactly make your life any easier.

A-T Holiday Gift Guide

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The Heart and Soul of Audio-Technica: Live Sound

In the mid ’70s Audio-Technica began to explore the world of Live Sound. At first, A-T’s Live Sound microphones targeted performing musicians looking for high quality and great value. We had entered a very competitive market where companies with established product lines ruled. In order to keep up we needed to introduce a truly remarkable product that would stand out in a cluttered field.

Our first steps into the Live Sound fray came in 1978 with the 800 Series microphones, which included the AT801, AT812, AT813, and AT805S. A year later, select products in this line were reconfigured and relaunched as the Artist Series (ATM). This line became the new face of our mic division, delivering a cleaner, crisper sound users really picked up on.

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Back To Our Roots: A History of A-T Mics

For over 50 years, Audio-Technica has been contributing to the culture of sound. Our products have been enhancing the audio quality of countless events from The GRAMMYS® to the Super Bowl, with A-T mics playing a pivotal role.

The history of A-T microphones is one of hurdling technological barriers to satisfy and drive customer demand. Our microphones have enhanced entertainment, sports, governance, and many other shared experiences with their high quality, high performance, and great value. All of these attributes spring from the DNA of our Japanese and American roots. Without a doubt, A-T has come a long way since its establishment in 1962 by Hideo Matsushita, the enthusiastic audiophile and businessman who seemingly had his fingers on the pulse of an awakening audio culture.

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Meet the Newest Addition to Our Family: #ATMicMan

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 9.24.49 AMLooking for a friend for your next concert? Even if you have a big crowd, there’s probably room for #ATMicMan. He tends to get in for free, too.

In all seriousness, Audio-Technica wants to see where you’re going this summer (and what you’re hearing when you get there). It’s a simple process: just print out a copy of #ATMicMan, take him with you and snap a photo of him at your destination.
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