The History of Audio-Technica’s Installed Sound Microphones

UniPoint Line

Audio-Technica entered the microphone industry in 1978 with the 800 Series, a line of vocal mics for musicians that grew to be quite successful. But in the quickly evolving, competitive audio world, it was only a matter of time before… Continue Reading

The Audio-Technica Installed Sound Support App

Audio-Technica App

As the times change, Audio-Technica changes with them. That’s how we’ve managed to create innovative audio equipment for over five decades. Now, we have a free Installed Sound App for iOS devices that takes the guesswork out of many calculations… Continue Reading

6 Tips for Choosing a Professional Sound Contractor for your House of Worship

House of Worship

In your house of worship, the quality of your sound system is proportional to the quality of your services. Knowing the right professional in the A/V industry is everything. The best houses of worship have an, ongoing relationship with a… Continue Reading