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Audio-Technica Takes on InfoComm 2015

InfoComm is here!

We’re just one day away from the start of the largest trade show in North America that is specifically geared towards professional AV, boasting nearly 38,000 attendees and 980 exhibitors, including Audio-Technica.

This year’s event kicked off on Saturday with demos and other special events, but the show floor officially opens tomorrow, June 17, and remains open through Friday, June 19, here in sunny Orlando, Florida. Find the A-T team at Booth 917!

Audio-Technica InfoComm 2015

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The Audio-Technica Installed Sound Support App

installed soundAs the times change, Audio-Technica changes with them. That’s how we’ve managed to create innovative audio equipment for over five decades.

Now, we have a free Installed Sound App for iOS devices that takes the guesswork out of many calculations sound professionals need to make on a daily basis.

Download the app today by visiting the Apple store from your iOS device for a nice selection of tools including the following:

  1. Application Guide (for A-T pro microphones): find the right A-T mic for the job,       categorized by instrument.
  2. Wavelength Calculator: Input frequency to determine wavelength.
  3. Needed Gain Calculator: Input distances to find necessary gain in dB.
  4. 3:1 Mic Placement Calculator: Calculate the distance between two mics and between mic and source.
  5. RTA & SPL Meter: Monitor your sound pressure level in real time.
  6. Frequency Finder (for A-T wireless products): Select a system, input your zip code and find the available frequencies.
  7. Record and Playback: Record, save and play up to three test recordings.

These handy, user-friendly tools allow technicians and musicians to move more quickly and confidently through setup and testing and get on to what’s important—a great sounding performance. Download Audio-Technica’s free Installed Sound Support App today and see how it can help you.

6 Tips for Choosing a Professional Sound Contractor for your House of Worship

audio-technica microphone

In your house of worship, the quality of your sound system is proportional to the quality of your services. Knowing the right professional in the A/V industry is everything. The best houses of worship have an, ongoing relationship with a local audio/video integrator who works to refine their sound quality with effective sound equipment.

You may have the passion for quality sound, but it can be difficult to know where to apply it. We’ll help you get started on hiring a sound system professional with this checklist:

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