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6 Tips for Choosing a Professional Sound Contractor for your House of Worship

audio-technica microphone

In your house of worship, the quality of your sound system is proportional to the quality of your services. Knowing the right professional in the A/V industry is everything. The best houses of worship have an, ongoing relationship with a local audio/video integrator who works to refine their sound quality with effective sound equipment.

You may have the passion for quality sound, but it can be difficult to know where to apply it. We’ll help you get started on hiring a sound system professional with this checklist:

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Fight Feedback With Help from A-T

ATIt’s a moment with which many of us are already familiar. The screech of a microphone run amok dissects the music and briefly short-circuits the ears of an entire crowd. It’s FEEDBACK. Sometimes it sneaks upon you, ambushing your performance right when the beat is about to drop.

Fear not, however, A-T is here to aid your fight against the enemy to good performing. In this, our first installation, we’ll teach you some simple techniques to keep the feedback beast at bay.

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