Back to School in Style

As we started to plan our last few summer concerts and nights making s’mores over the fire, we had to catch our breath at the thought that summer will actually be over soon.

But fear not! You can return to school this September in style. There’s no better motivation to get back to your studies than having a new pair of headphones to continue to play your favorite summer jams.

Not sure what headphones will work best? No problem! From in-ear headphones for those on the move to award-winning noise-cancelling technology to drown out your roommate’s snoring, here’s our guide for picking your new headphones.

audio-techncia noise cancelling headphones

Take Great Sound Back To School

Our SonicFuel™ line offers headphones in-ear and over-ear headphonesto fit every student’s needs. They offer exceptional sound quality, comfort and value, and several models, like the ATH-CKX5iS and ATH-AX1iS, are smartphone-compatible. These features can also be found in our SonicSport® ATH-CKP200iS and QuietPoint® ATH-ANC70 noise-cancelling headphones. All of these models have a microphone and integrated controls that work with Apple® iPhone®, iPad®, iPod®, and other compatible smartphones and portable devices from companies like Samsung, HTC and more, letting wearers answer calls, control media and adjust volume.

audio-technica ath-ckxisATH-CKXiS

The SonicFuel ATH-CKX5iS in-ear headphones combine total comfort with outstanding sound quality and smartphone compatibility. Designed for active, daily use, the ATH-CKX5iS features a C-tip design and our exclusive 360-degree rotating eartips that adjust to the angles of your ear – creating a one of a kind fit. They are available in black, white, red, blue, and green and include a carrying pouch.



The SonicFuel ATH-AX1iS headphones combine colorful, contemporary design with 36 mm driver for unbeatable sound. Featuring generously cushioned ear pads for a comfortable fit, these over-ear gems are perfect for those all-nighters in the library. These smartphone-compatible cans come in black, white, red with black trim, blue with black trim, and gray with green accents.

audio-technica ath-ax1is


These SonicSport ear hook-style headphones are perfect for that gym session or jog through campus. These babies are ready to work with your smartphone and have an IPX5-certified waterproof rating. In English, that means they won’t quit on you from excessive sweat and can be washed off after you use them. The ear hook design features a unique hinge that allows for easy on and easy off, while the handy cord-mounted in-line control lets answer calls, change songs and adjust the volume without taking your eyes off the prize! Available in black, yellow red, and blue, the ATH-CKP200iS headphones will match your fancy new workout gear!

audio-technica ath-ckp200is



Are you suffering from “obnoxious neighbors playing loud music at all hours of the day and night” syndrome? If so (and even if not) you need to get your ears on a pair of ATH-ANC70 QuietPoint noise-cancelling headphones! The ATH-ANC70 offers up to 90% noise cancellation.  It includes a mic and controller for answering calls and controlling music, completely integrated electronics with all functionality built into the earcup, and a comfort-fit design. The large 40 mm drivers deliver incredible sound quality complete with impactful bass. Tune into your studies and tune out the rest of the world with these noise-cancelling stunners.

audio-technica ath-anc70

We’ve armed you with the tools necessary to make the most of your time outside of the classroom – the rest is up to you! What’s your favorite song to study to? Drop us a comment below!



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