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Frank Klepacki Blog Series: Ampless Portable Guitar Setup With a System 10 Stompbox

This is the 19th installment in guest blogger Frank Klepacki’s series on music production. Today Frank writes about his move to a travel-friendly setup. If you missed Frank’s previous post, you can read it here.

Frank_AT5040After years of honing my preferred guitar tones, I’ve had to adapt them to different settings, from full amps and mics in the recording studio, to plug-ins, to live performances with and without amps. Each of these settings offers a different curveball to overcome, and sometimes you need to adapt your sound accordingly.

One thing that really created a need to have an ampless rig and be as portable as possible was doing fly-in tour dates and performing with symphonies. Stage volume is crucial to a symphony so it is preferred to not have a blaring guitar amp on stage. I’ve tried several different pedals with amp modeling, but nothing was getting the tone that I really wanted. They all fell short in some way. So I switched my focus to acquire a few pedals that are exceptional at what they do, rather than settle for a jack-of-all/master-of-none pedal.

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Audio Solutions Question of the Week: What Do All of These Headphone Specs Mean and Why Are They Important?

Hi Res Headphones

What do all of these headphone specs mean and why are they important?

Answer: Headphone specs, like specs on any piece of audio equipment, provide valuable information about how the equipment is built, how it will perform and how it can be used.

Here’s a list that explains the various specs you’re likely to find cited for headphones:
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An Interview with Frank Klepacki at the AES Show 2014

Frank Klepacki has a very long and distinguished resume: audio director, composer, sound designer, studio/live engineer, performer, and voice actor.

Klepacki has also worked on titles for most top publishers in the video game industry, including Westwood Studios, LucasArts, Electronic Arts, Sega, Ubisoft, Disney, SSI, Hasbro and Virgin Interactive. Currently, as the audio director at Petroglyph, he handles multiple music composition styles for a variety of game genres and major TV network shows, as well as full audio direction, sound design, and voice talent.

frank klepacki

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New Additions to the A-T Family: Gaming Headsets Just Got a Whole Lot Better

Gaming just got a whole lot better.

With over 50 years behind us in the audio industry, we took a major leap into the gaming world last year. We introduced our first two gaming headsets, and while it was a new endeavor for us, we couldn’t have been more excited. We recognized the need for gaming headsets that appeal to the true audiophile. The response was overwhelming – we were blown away by being welcomed into the gaming world with open arms!

We quickly got to work on developing additional gaming headsets, which were unveiled at this year’s CES. Meet the ATH-PDG1 and ATH-PG1.

audio-technica gaming headsets

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Insight from the Audio Solutions Experts

Here at Audio-Technica, we like to stay true to our motto – “Always Listening.” And to truly live up to it, we recently started a blog series: “Audio Solutions Question of the Week.” This blog series features the experts from our Audio Solutions Team answering some of your most common audio-related questions. Each week, the team takes on a different question about audio gear, audio theory, or troubleshooting.

From the start of the series we’ve received a lot of positive feedback on our Question of the Week posts, so we decided to create a roundup of all the posts for easy reference in case you missed any.

Audio Solutions Team

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