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Frank Klepacki Blog Series: Preferences for Recording Drums, Part 2

Frank_AT5040This is the 18th installment in guest blogger Frank Klepacki’s series on music production. Today Frank shares more of his preferences for recording drums. If you missed Frank’s previous post on this topic, you can read it here.

TOMS: AE3000 and ATM350. I use AE3000s on my 10″, 12″, and 14″ toms (as well as larger toms when called for) and an ATM350 on my 8″ tom. Because I have a tight kit configuration, I have to consider placement carefully, amount of bleed and tone. When using typical dynamic mics, it’s easy to compromise the rest of the kit’s tone by tweaking the tom EQs too much in the mix. For that reason alone, the AE3000 condenser is such a breath of fresh air – it picks up the round natural tone of the tom, with high-end attack, and I don’t have to tweak it to death after the fact. I even had one tom give me some overtone issues and I was able to control it with this mic by slightly adjusting the mic’s position. My ideal positioning for these mics is approximately a few inches above the tom and pointed straight along the drumhead.

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Frank Klepacki Blog Series: Preferences for Recording Drums, Part 1

This is the 17th installment in guest blogger Frank Klepacki’s series on music production. Today Frank provides tips for recording drums. If you missed Frank’s previous post, you can read it here.

Frank_AT5040As a producer/engineer who also happens to be a professional drummer, one of my pet peeves is hearing album recordings that have had the acoustic drum tracks replaced by acoustic drum samples. I often wonder, was it laziness? Could they just not get a good sound out of the live kit? Is it that a new generation of producers/engineers is being taught to just do that from the start, rather than taught how to make the best of the live instrument? The value of learning how to do this the right way is important. How do you think those replacement samples got recorded in the first place? I understand that sample replacement is a nice option to have if you absolutely cannot make the track work, but in my mind it should be a last resort, rather than being automatically abused, such as the whole auto-tune thing.

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Audio Solutions Question of the Week: Why Am I Hearing Audio in Only One Channel from my A-T Turntable?

This is the first post in our new “Question of the Week” series. Each Wednesday our Audio Solutions team will address a question they frequently receive and provide detailed steps to help you get the most out of your Audio-Technica gear. This week they discuss a problem that can result from improper turntable setup.

Audio Solutions Team

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An Interview with Matt McArthur of The Record Company at the AES Show 2014

On day one of our Ask Me Anything Livestream Events at AES 2014, we sat down with Matt McArthur, executive director of The Record Company.

After graduating from the Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor’s degree in music production and engineering, Matt McArthur co-founded The Record Company, New England’s first professional nonprofit recording studio, to give Boston’s community of young musicians a place to hang out, learn and record their compositions. According to The Record Company’s website, the organization bridges the gap between up-and-coming talent and access not only to a recording studio, but also to “the decades-long tradition of professional musical recording: a tradition encompassing concepts of professional conduct, mentorship, technical expertise, creativity, and more.”

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