Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Contact The Audio Solutions Team At Audio-Technica?

Audio-Technica Audio Solutions Team

Question: How do I contact the Audio Solutions Team at Audio-Technica?

Answer: Before answering that, it would probably be beneficial to first answer the question, “Why or when should I contact the Audio Solutions Team at Audio-Technica?” The Audio Solutions Team is a group of talented audio professionals with backgrounds in recording engineering, live sound, professional retail, consumer retail and musical performance. We have experience with houses of worship, recording studios, broadcast applications, meeting facilities, consumer audio and just about any other type of installation you can imagine, and we bring that experience when talking with our customers. The team was created to be the first point of contact for customers seeking application information about Audio-Technica’s products. Those customer inquiries could be in the form of, “I have this need, what product do you offer that meets that need?” It could be, “I bought your product, but need assistance with setting it up.” Or may even be, “I’m having problems with the operation of your product. Can you help?”

So who are the customers of Audio Solutions? Well, in essence, just about anyone seeking audio-application or product-selection advice. That may be our dealers, sound contractors, integrators, studio engineers, touring musicians and, of course, anyone using – or interested in using – our audio products in their everyday lives. Questions related to sales, service or parts should be directed to those departments.

Now, how do you contact the Audio Solutions Team? We have tried to make this as easy as possible for our customers.

  • The Audio Solutions Team is available during normal business hours (ET), Monday – Friday.
  • You may call us at 330-686-2600 ext. 5000. Please note, the team receives a lot of calls and you may be routed to voice mail. Rest assured, we will get back to you as soon as we can.
  • You may email the team at
  • We also have a web form where you may enter your question:
  • We, on occasion, receive old-fashioned mail requests from customers.
  • All questions submitted on the Q & A tab of our product pages are answered by the Audio Solutions Team.
  • Quite often questions that are submitted through Twitter, Facebook or other types of social media end up with the Audio Solutions Team.

Please know that however you contact us, the Audio Solutions Team is dedicated to supporting the company slogan, “Always Listening.” Let us know how we can help.



  1. My new turntable , has several things I don’t like . First no automatic return , and will not play as loud as my CDs or radio , or TV , explain that I tried a amp booster to turntable no good , really nice turntable but not working so good

  2. I purchased a turn table from Amozon and need some help.
    It does not work .Amozon say talk to you ??

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