Audio Solutions Question of the Week: Can I Listen To My USB Turntable Through My PC Speakers?

Audio-Technica USB Turntable

Question: Can I listen to my USB turntable through my PC speakers? Answer: The quick answer is yes, but note that computers are designed to be “playback” devices and not necessarly “play through” devices, such as a stereo receiver, so… Continue Reading

Basic Audio Techniques for Video: Selecting the Right Lavalier Mic

Choosing Lavalier Mic

In this installment of our blog series on Basic Audio Techniques for Video we’ll explain how to select the proper lavalier microphone for filming. If you missed the previous installment explaining how to use the tie bar, you can read… Continue Reading

Frank Klepacki Blog Series: 8-Bit Armies, Hordes, & Invaders – Retro Video Game Sound With a Modern Spin

Frank Klepacki Gaming

In this installment of guest blogger Frank Klepacki’s series on music production Frank examines how the low-tech sound of early video games is making a comeback. If you missed Frank’s previous post, you can read it here.  When I first began… Continue Reading

Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Should I Mike the Congregation in a House of Worship?

How to mike the congregation

Question: How should I mike the congregation in a house of worship? Answer: In the past few weeks, we addressed how you may mike your pastor, your baptistery, the podium or lectern, and a table or altar. The congregation is… Continue Reading